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To Talk, or not to Talk – That’s the Question July 19, 2009

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I have for the longest time walked around with this splendid business idea in my mind, without having much time to act on it, and without sharing it with others thinking it may be stolen… it is after all in the same class as Carnegie Hall!

After having opened up a little bit I have realized that it is pretty powerful to actually talk about it… I have:

  1. started to realize “what sticks” and what not, and for whom
  2. identified additional user segments
  3. gotten support and references to people, books and resources
  4. a pool of potential test users and advocates
  5. received input or “wish list” on additional applications or functions
  6. more energy and inspiration to realize the idea from seeing others light up when they hear about it

Now, I think it would be wise to select the group you do share your ideas with. At least make a conscious decision who you don’t share it with. I had a session with a Genius at the Apple store fixing something with my computer, and was curious about the Mac World conference to take place in San Francisco. Would that be something for me? I told him briefly that I have this idea of a software that I think will be a standard application on Mac in the future. “Oh”, he said, “just submit your idea here on the website – Apple would be very keen to hear about it.” Yeah right, I might be blond – but not that blond.

How did I come to think about this? I had my dear friends Jonatan and Maria Kruse visiting the summerhouse over the weekend, and the topic came up for discussion. Thank you Maria – I think your wish list of functions was what was missing in order to hook up the younger generation! Soon I will need some really technical savvy guys, or gals!

One step forward… enjoy the rest of the weekend!



2 Responses to “To Talk, or not to Talk – That’s the Question”

  1. Micke Green Says:

    I think you’re totally right – do share your ideas, it’s the only way to get decent feedback and help to develop it. Besides, many ppl often assign too much importance to the idea itself – just because someone loves your idea, it doesn’t mean that person has the time and the ability to steal and execute it. So I think the risk of having your idea stolen is relatively slim. But of course you do need to be a little bit careful with whom you share with.

    But…now you made us very curious. So when can we hear more about this?

    • Ohhh – what did Henry say – this is a great way to keep yourself publicly accountable…!? 😉 OK, I would say you will probably hear bits and pieces about it along the way, but give me 6 months after November 1st. Thanks for asking…

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