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About June 10, 2009

Johanna Nilsson

In the spirit of the moment I am creating this blog to share what fascinates me about life. Whether when living in San Francisco, far away from the homeland of Sweden, or being around and about – there is a lot to be fascinated about… In the process I have learnt the power of being aware of what you give your attention to each day. It’s a precious resource and determines the shape of your life. Do you have the “right” focus in your life? Are you heading in the direction you want? Do you make the impact you desire?

Allowing yourself to be fascinated, inspired and filled with what lights you up, is a big step toward creating and living a life that you love.

If you get inspired from reading what I write and share – please come back and read more, and do share your thoughts in the comments.

If you have big dreams, but haven’t yet acted on them, and would be interested in personal coaching – feel free to contact me for more information.

As a certified co-active coach (CPCC) through the ICF accredited The Coaches Training Institute, with a master’s degree from the Stockholm School of Economics, a professional back-ground in marketing and finance, and a passion for the art; I tend to work with clients that are creative individuals, entrepreneurs, and young professionals. If it were a good fit, I would love to work with you too.

If you do do what you love, and need the world to hear about it – please contact me in the role of founder of Herringbone (website now archived – moved to herringbone.se since 2016) – an integrated market communications agency, getting your voice heard for positive change.

What ever you do, Enjoy!


“We are here for a reason. We are here to create the Earth. If you would believe that – how would you live your life?”
Michael E. Gerber


What Clients Say

“I would highly recommend Johanna as a coach.
The coaching sessions we had took place several years ago, and at the time helped me greatly with my personal development, especially with motivational support and personal growth. Many small or big topics and assignments we went through during the sessions provided me with insights and tools, which I remember and can still apply in different situations that arise today.
If given the opportunity I would not hesitate to hire Johanna as my personal coach once again.”

Michael K.

“The difficulties I faced starting my own service business in the midst of a financial meltdown could have easily made me give up before I even got started. Johanna provided me both with a positive attitude and a needed kick-in-the-butt, as well as specific marketing techniques and ideas. My business did eventually take off, and I have Johanna to thank for making me stick with it and helping me reach new clients.”

M. Olund


“I engaged Johanna Nilsson as a coach when going through some serious and heavy challenges in my career. After just a few coaching sessions with her, life seemed full of opportunities again, and I was able to take action in the right direction to reach my goals.
What I find that makes Johanna’s coaching style different is that she has the patience of letting your own process take place, and not immediately jumping on setting the direction or handing you the solution. Her style is more of asking yourself the right questions to set you on the right path, which I find is much more rewarding as you in the process learn how to coach yourself going forward.”

E.A., Product Manager at Oracle, Redwood Shore


“Coaching sessions with Johanna helped me assess my interests and job options. She helped me develop strategies through small steps to achieve my goals. As a terminal procrastinator, I most enjoyed the weekly contact which held me accountable for my progress. Johanna’s buoyantly pleasant attitude motivated me to make weekly accomplishments, no matter how small. I learned the value of keeping up the momentum even for long term projects.”

C. Baron, San Diego, CA


“Johanna, thanks for your incredible support and encouragement to fulfill my dream goals! I did it!! Performed in front of an audience with +100 people as well as recorded my own track. And moving on to the next level!
I recommend Johanna to anyone in need of finding energy, inner peace, and the right path reaching your goals!”

Ylva Elias, Singer, Life Science Consultant, San Diego