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Halloween in the US. October 31, 2012

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As I sit and work I notice that Facebook has a proposed status update with the question “What is the best halloween outfit?” 

Shortly after someone knocks on my door. Ohhh. Trick or treat. Should I be scared? 

Outside stands my friend, in a Viking outfit and a box of (slightly demolished) cup cakes for me. “This is how I went to work today!”, she says with a big smile.

Well – that fits perfectly, and wins the Herringbone price for the best Halloween outfit, on a Global Head of HR for a Silicon Valley software company. 

Happy Halloween all! 




It is true what they say… October 26, 2012

Friday, Oct 25, 5.06pm. iPhone reactivated, restored and functioning. With data as of October 23, noon.

Dear Apple: I love you. Your product features are unbeatable, and your service outstanding. Getting a new SIM card and SIM card holder and a functioning phone same day, was fantastic.

Police Department of San Francisco: you did an amazing job, thank you for finding the thief and for driving me till the bitter end…

Dimitri: thank you for calling the cop and for pulling up “Find iPhone” on your Sportique store computer.

Anna Sandgren, E. Denise Johnson, Roger Francisco and team: having a team that know what they are doing and if not, create from what is, is fantastic. I’m glad I could join the photo shoot in the end.

Denise, Tatiana, Agatha and Valencia – you looked beautiful. Especially in those LLXLLQ shoes 😉  You are such pro’s – an honor to work with you! The Michael Boris and GreenBlackDress clothing was a very nice, classy and classic complement as well.

SFMTA – you only did your job – but you better accept my citation protest for the $501 car tow fee and $83 parking ticket, due to me being stuck at the police department processing the claim.

Lessons learned:
1. No matter time and location: don’t walk with valuable things in your hand that can be easily taken away from you.

2. If someone robs you – it is worth running after and screaming – other people will help.

3. The iPhone app “Find iPhone” is outstanding. Having the police on the phone and being able to tell them the exact corner where the phone is located helped track down the thief.

4. The back seats of Police cars ain’t made for comfort – you don’t want to sit there.

5. And finally – it is true what they say: Ladybugs brings you luck. This was my screen “savior”.

If my letter to the 14 year old boy, who stole the iPhone from my hand when I was standing on the street looking for a store, impacts him  in a positive way sooner or later – then this was all worth it. That is my last wish to this ladybug before I change the screen saver.

Yesterday was quite a day – from beginning to end. It ended well, and I’m glad it is over.
Enjoy the weekend all. Keep dancing in the moment!



I passed the start line. October 14, 2012

Well… I passed the start line.
The first 6-7 miles the tempo wasn’t too shabby. Then the hills started…

Mile 8 I turn to my iPhone to turn on some trigger music.
The phone dies on me!
Mile 10 my knees start to really hurt. I’m speed walking – feels much better.

Mile 11 comes one cheer zone with Michael Jackson music Beat it! – and I suddenly run faster than after start line ?!?! until I can’t hear the music.
Finished strong.

My image of the San Francisco Fire Fighters was misleading. But they were classy in tuxedo.
The post finish line massage was nice!
Late lunch with runner friends and supporters super nice.

Ice bath was not as bad as I imagined it.
I hope it makes magic and that I can walk down the stairs tomorrow. Sorry knees – will prepare you better next time.

And even if it’s misty and foggy, I’ll wear sun screen next time.

And, dear iPhone – I may have taken an hour longer to run this race than 10 years ago – but I’ve got more juice than you’ve got! And seriously – we gotta change that, partner!

After all, 3.08hrs for 13.1 miles given circumstances, is quite ok.
Seeing those t-shirts with mom and dad on, in a race fundraising for Leukemia and Lymphoma Cancer, makes it real.
I hope it makes a difference.

A #NMW12 finisher.


NWM12 Countdown October 11, 2012

Dreamt about racing/running uphill. Woke up thinking I should eat some pasta and started googling preparation for half marathons…

“This was my second half marathon and it was super fun! […] Oh…and train well for those hills, they kill ;)” – had a feeling I should…

“All sarcasm aside, Nike gets it right with the Tiffany finishers necklace from SF firefighters.” Now, I had heard something about that – but hadn’t quite pictured it…

With other words – those who cross the finnish line receives a Tiffany limited edition neckless, handed over by SF Firefighters. Curious about the Tiffany neckless I googled that…  Haha – I couldn’t find a photo of it, apparently that’s a surprise and new design every year – but I found this…  San Francisco Firefighters 😉


So the big question is, from someone who hasn’t run half as much as the first half marathon 10 years ago: what will keep you (me) running and cross The Finnish Line? 

You may borrow that Tiffany Necklace for special occasions 😉 Wish me luck this upcoming Sunday at The Nike Women’s Half Marathon.



Resource or Resourcefulness?

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Anthony Robins at DreamforceWe have the expression in Swedish: The art of cooking a soup of a nail. Basically, to create something with very little or no resources. It comes from an old Scandinavian tale, telling the story of a man who made soup from a rusty nail.

Listening to Anthony Robins at Dreamforce in San Francisco recently, one of the key points that he had was: Resources are never the problem. Its the resourcefulness. Emotions are the ultimate resource. Creativity, commitment, determination, certainty, flexibility, connectivity, compassion, vision…

Which resource are you drawing upon today?

Get at it!




Gimme, Gimme, Gimme… October 6, 2012

Went to the best concert last night. More about that later. We started singing on the way home in the car. With this one song, the lyrics didn’t really come to mind, more than the title section… “Gimme Gimme Gimme….” Do you remember?

So, what would we do without google, or youtube?!

Found it! And I later found myself this morning, brushing my teeth, with the iPhone earphone plugged into my ears, door closed, brushing in rhythm, singing along in my mind, and dancing away – remembering the year of… 1985.

No, it is not ABBA – this time. Here it is:

Wohoo! So good! 🙂 No? I actually think it was the year when I was in 3rd grade, one too low to go to the “Mellan stadie disco” for grade 4-6 in the Parkhem School. Without false ID (:O – no, we didn’t even know what that was) – I did go. And came in. And I won the dance competition with the comment “Lillen vinner”. The kid wins.

Young grows old, small grows tall, and these days… the big ones are the winners. LLXLLQ – need no more. The size is a plus! 





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