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Fillmore Jazz Festival with Fazz July 6, 2013

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All the roads lead to Rome. Special Italian shoes lead to Fillmore Jazz Festival. Today I have the honor to perform with Fazz, opening the Washington/Fillmore stage at noon. Hadn’t it been for LLXLLQ – size 10-12 handmade Italian shoes, and Dantone-Milano Shoe Store on Union Street, I hadn’t been here today. Here are the translated lyrics of the Swedish songs:

Translated lyrics of “Somliga Går med Trasiga Skor”

LLXLLQ Jazz Shoes in larger sizes for womenSome People Walk With Torn Shoes.
by Cornelis Vreeswijk

Some walk with torn shoes
say why is it so?
God Father who lives in heaven,
maybe wants it so

God Father who lives in heaven,
closes his eyes and sleeps well.
Who cares about a pair of torn shoes
when you are old and tired

Who cares about how the days go by?
They go as they please.
Brother, in one hundred years,
you’ll no longer exist.

Then somebody else have taken your place,
you’ll know nothing of it.
You feel neither rain nor sun,
down in your dark grave.

Who cares about how the nights go by?
I dont care a bit.
As long as I can keep my face
buried in my love’s hair.

I am a doubtful character,
not good for much.
Behind a corner death lurks,
he takes me whenever he wants.

Some walk with torn shoes,
until they walk no more.
The Devil who lives in hell,
gets himself a good laugh then…

English translation of Deidres Samba.

Deirdre’s Samba 
by Cornelis Vreeswijk

Every night around 8 I take the path down the mountain
Then I take the bus that goes to Copacabana
I’ve bathed, I’ve showered, I smell good all over
And then I begin to walk
And I’m a sight to see

When you walk Copacabana, you’ve got the ocean to the left
But I look straight ahead, straight at those I meet
If they look like they want to dance, they can buy my Samba
Those who bargain can leave, for I’m a sight to see

Dance the Samba with me, ayayay…
I am good, I am good
If you’ve got time and money you’ll buy my Samba
If you’ve got time and money you’ll buy my Samba

If you want to learn my Samba, under the moon on the beach
I can whistle the melody, with two shells I beat the rythm
And if you want to make love, we’re in the right place
It’s illegal, of course, but hotels are so dull

Dance the Samba with me, ayayay…
I am good, I am good
If you’ve got time and money you’ll buy my Samba
If you’ve got time and money you’ll buy my Samba

Between Playa de Flamengo and the pretty Ipanema, lie the wealthy hot beaches
But the poor in Rio live high above the rest
The highest mountain is my home
The wind cools, the sun burns, there is sorrow that isn’t felt

Dance the Samba with me, ayayay…
I am good, I am good
If you’ve got time and money you’ll buy my Samba
If you’ve got time and money you’ll buy my Samba
If you’ve got time and money you’ll buy my Samba


Goodnight Sweetheart… May 15, 2013

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The power of music.


November 1, 2012

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The interactions on wordpress has become mych more active as of recent. I’m receiving many more likes and responses from other bloggers whom I don’t know. I guess you could say it’s like Twitter – but much much more text. Or acually – more like Facebook, but open to people you don’t know. And appart from like, follow and comment – you can do something similar to “share”…

Testing the feature in WordPress to “Reblog” a post from the last person who liked my “It’s true what they say” post.

My father wasn’t a brain scientist per s.e., he was a neuro surgent (is that not a word? It keeps correcting me.) I’m sure he knew about the positive impact of your envisions and thoughts – he didn’t say it out loud – but based on his actions, he is the one I thought of while reading this. Apart from the prayers, to be truthful.

That said: imagine the best and have a blessed day ;). Enjoy the post below.

Did You Know?

Hello everyone!

This is the first post of this blog, in which I’m going to write scientific facts about those things that surrounds us and that are soooo cool, but we just don’t know them. Did you know for example that ALL BRAIN SCIENTISTS KNOW, that if you imagine really good stuff about your future, and just leave this thought alone, the brain will necessarily make you achieve them within just a few years? The brain is like a very good chess player who sees what needs to be done in order to achieve a certain goal within a few steps, but he sees years ahead! So, this time I’m going to write a little bit about the brain, but in my next posts I’m going to write about things like stars, quantom physics, The AMAZING pyramids of Giza, different theories about our past, sacred geometry (The Geometry of all…

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Halloween in the US. October 31, 2012

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As I sit and work I notice that Facebook has a proposed status update with the question “What is the best halloween outfit?” 

Shortly after someone knocks on my door. Ohhh. Trick or treat. Should I be scared? 

Outside stands my friend, in a Viking outfit and a box of (slightly demolished) cup cakes for me. “This is how I went to work today!”, she says with a big smile.

Well – that fits perfectly, and wins the Herringbone price for the best Halloween outfit, on a Global Head of HR for a Silicon Valley software company. 

Happy Halloween all! 




A Room With View | Mälaren, Sweden August 31, 2012

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I made it a point this summer to take a photo from the same view of Mälaren, the inner archipelago of Stockholm, during the span of ten days.

Not a moment is the other alike. Enjoy the present! And if you really can’t see any beauty in it – after rain comes sunshine.



Occupy Lucia!? December 13, 2011

Santa Lucia, Balboa Park, San Diego, December Nights 2011I had the pleasure to attend the annual December Night celebration in Balboa Park, San Diego – what was once called Christmas on the Prado. I think the current name make more sense – the feeling of Christmas celebration was far away. It felt more like a food feast and beer fest, with the rock band from party area playing louder than the Christmas Choir on the main stage and the main area had commercial tents for sponsors rather than vending of Christmas delicacies and gifts. Half naked promotion girls with a featured bottle of liquor in their hand. While kids walked buy – and I was freezing my butt off.

Yes, I am proud to be Swedish, and it is with very objective eyes that I can say that the area by Museum of Man, where SWEA always have had their Christmas Market, Glögg serving and Lucia Procession, was the only place where I felt the atmosphere of a really nice Christmas Market. I knew that there was a competition the first night, when the Swedish Lucia Procession performed by young children, was drowning in the sound of a Mexican Mariachi band calling people to go to the new beer garden of the Museum of Man. The second night when I was there a group of drumming people paraded by. Someone close by said “What the f-k is that?” “Occupy Lucia!”.

That said – the Swedish Lucia Procession made the cover of Union Tribune the following Sunday morning.

Today, December 13, is the day of Santa Lucia in Sweden. This is how it could have sound:

Next year, I will attend the new San Francisco Christmas Market – a market I know will live up to it’s name. Check out the site and complete the email list so that you get the information about it!

Enjoy the season!




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