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Love Shower November 19, 2010

Have you ever gotten a Love Shower? It is a pretty nice experience. I guess you could give it different names. Appreciation Shower. Acknowledgement Shower. You can do it one-on-one, or in group. Privately or publicly. You can do it in different occasions. Situations I have seen it in are:

  1. During a personal growth workshop
  2. At the end of a group project
  3. At birthdays
  4. During a relationship
  5. At a wedding
  6. By the deathbed
  7. During a funeral

It is like the absolute feel good movie Validation (do you remember – did you see it?) – but more focused and concentrated and times 10. Or times 100.

Imagine sitting in a circle with 10 people who you know to a more or less extent. Your task is to sit quietly and receive while looking into the eyes of the person who speaks. The others task is to one by one express what they love and appreciate about you. The strengths they see. How you have contributed. How you impact them. The gifts you have.

It can be extremely powerful. It can be quite surprising. They can call on things you were absolutely not aware of. They can call on things that are totally contradictory to your own inner critic. (Inner gremlins in life coach terms). It can make a positive mark for life that you can forever lean on.

Imagine standing in a circle of 100 students with whom you have participated in a global international conference. Your task is to write on three different pieces of paper a message to three different people, fold it and walk over and give it to them, so that they can bring with them home to their country as a memorable takeaway.

You can make a friend for life.  Maybe someone feels like they have a friend for life.

I can give many more examples. Bottom line: you touch people deeply. You make people feel good. Appreciate themselves more. Be more aware of their strengths and their impact.

What if you, or we, do that more often. What if we by doing that shift a “bottom low” situation to “raise to the top”. Maybe leaving on a high.

Bring this ritual to that set of situations:

  1. Relationship breakup
  2. Divorce
  3. Lay-off

What if you would leave something that could be very sad and heavy, with a high head and warm heart, knowing that this past epoch had many valuable memories, made a difference to someone or something and you were part of it. And it is something you can bring with you and do again.

What if the mandatory SOX procedure in HR for all companies was to have a Team Power Shower annually in addition to the occasion of anyone leaving, for any reason.

I think I just came up with another business idea. I know – it sounds a little flower power and out there. But I live in California after all. And why do we do these things? Because we can. And because it has great impact.

Who are you going to give a loving power shower next?

I would like to end with the expression that Tim Nichols at the Hub Soma (where change to to work) uses in the member distributed emails:

Of everyone who read this, I like you the best.

With love,



Diaper Dude November 18, 2010

Today is a special day. A special friend of mine is having his birthday. He is very smart, ambitious, intellectual, generous, considerate, respectful, loving and… humoristic. Maybe I should also say practical.

When there is a birthday, or an important occasion happy or sad, he always remembers to deliver an appropriate message. When his best friend had become dad for the first time, he sent a very generous gift: diaper supply for a full year. (That is the story at least what I heard). What he didn’t expect was that up to this date today, whenever a diaper needs to be changed, they think of him.

All marketing is good marketing… no?

I came to think of this story when I read the Toilet Paper Entrepreneurs blog post this morning: Short Entrepreneur Stories: Why Did You Decide To Start Your Business?

Who would imagine creating a movement out of diapers? Check #35 in the blog post or check this Diaper Dude Website out. Diaper Dudes - the Movement

I also like what the grandpa of Linda (#5) had said “You go through life planning for the future. Then, one day you realize you’re living your future and there’s no sense in planning any more”. What ever you are planning for – Diaper Dude business, or something else – how about making that shift today? Really. What are you waiting for? What if it was easy?

I have 3 more things to say relating to this:

1) What if you are the one wearing the diapers!? Meaning – you have gotten the gift of starting all over. Draw on your resources, do what you need to do, to find a way to identify and create what really moves you and have a good impact on your environment.

2) Special Opportunity: Spark Your Fire and Fuel the Dream – spend Dec 9-11 in Carlsbad and ignite a lifetime of entrepreneurship with Michael E. Gerber.Register for Come Dream With Me!  in Carlsbad, CA  on Eventbrite If you want to attend this, and don’t know how – contact me, and let’s talk.

3) Happy Birthday original “Diaper Dude”, Mr Creator and Deal Maker Vikram Lamba! I know that you have sparked more than one movement so far!

Now to you dear reader: Which movement are you about to create? Or join? Or create value added to?

I am just saying… enjoy the process!


Maybe I should add – starting from scratch and creating from nothing can be a huge challenge. I am not undermining that. However – the perspective of “What if it was easy?” can definitely open up to a whole lot of ideas, opportunities and short cuts to making it happen. Just give that perspective a try.


On a Secret Mission Sent from God… November 13, 2010

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The last nugget from the rocking-out-of-this-world yoga class with Rusty Wells earlier this week was when we were laying on the right side after Savasana (dead mans pose) at the end of the class, instructed to reach high up with our left arm and easily pull down something precious that we for any reason earlier in life had removed from our heart, and bring it back down and put it back in place.

This something precious could be love for someone who had hurt us, or made us insecure or unsure… Maybe this special someone is truly sent on a secret mission from God – (s)he just don’t know it yet, and maybe just need some extra love.

Read this slowly again. And maybe also follow the instructions – reach for something way up, and bring it back to your heart. Think of someone in your life who this would apply to. How could you reach out to him or her, and maybe extend some special care. A touch of love. Let them know they matter.

I know – it can be difficult. But imagine the impact. Imagine the impact of this yoga class let alone. The room was PACKED. It wouldn’t surprise me if we were 150 people in the room. Everyone had given himself or herself the gift of being there – with the result of feeling filled with energy, love and gratitude. Feeling alive and renewed in every cell after a challenging class. Imagine the ripple effect when each and one of them went home and acted on that message. Even if they didn’t, even if they just took the message to heart and found piece with themselves – that will show and rub off.

Coincident or not – I had had a conversation with a friend the day before who shared when he had come home from work after a bad day being in a very bad mood, and his girlfriend had approached him with a big hug expressing how “courageous” she thought he was. Immediately he felt better, and then asked “where did you get that from”? With a guilty expression she had said “Dr. Phil” – and he felt totally cheated. With a smile. Cause it worked!

Rusty Wells ended the class with an invitation to a workshop at the studio tomorrow Sunday November 14 on Bhakti and Transformational Heart-Based Healing, led by Dr Dan. According to Rusty, “better than Dr. Phil”. 😉

Spreading the L<3VE,


Are we maybe all on a secret mission sent from God?

And by the way – when we talk about God, it is always God of our own understanding. What ever that is. Even my dear dad, who resigned from church in Sweden, would have had a tear in his eye and resonate with this.


Notes to Self: November 7, 2010

1) Don’t you ever dare even thinking about quitting something that you gain so much energy and joy from. Love singing. Love these people. Free the time to do it.

The acapella group Keeva has resumed from the summer break and is now putting a set together with new world music. Groovy.

Celebrating Change IMOW

Last performed at the Celebrate Change! event at the Metreon in San Francisco, a fund raiser event for International Museum of Women exhibiting stories of change. And, yes, we can do it for you too! Email: keevasf at gmail.com.

Inspired by Tom Shadyac, I took my second hand bike to rehearsal for the first time… over the hill. Filbert street is at one point the most steep street in San Francisco. Union street that I took is parallel. Coming over the top, I realized that my bike probably is 5th hand… the breaks were no good.

2) When buying a bike – always test the breaks in steep hills. Fast forward – can do that! Fast downhill – without breaks – not so much. And yes, I had a feeling, so I tested it early – but the thought of it…

Downward facing dog however – I love that! Urban Flow Yoga has been written about in Wall Street Journal – being the best place for downward dogs in San Francisco! Can’t more than ditto that.

Maybe one day, the International Museum of Women will exhibit all the change created by the yogis at Urban Flow Yoga, much thanks to it’s practice led by Rusty Wells. It is plenty. Amazing small and big stories with ripple effect. To be told…

With love,



Good Morning Sunshine November 6, 2010

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…come say hello!

As I wrote the title, the song came to my mind… and looking it up – little did I know that I had been singing the wrong lyrics all my life!

That is what happens. In Sweden. At the dance school. The instructions by Lasse Kühler in preparation for the shows were “Sing along – if you don’t know the lyrics – make it up. Sing the Norweigan national anthem!”

I got an invitation Thursday morning from my dear cousin in Sweden, to send her a photo of my sunrise so she could post on her blog http://www.naturstigar.se (Nature’s paths), to include in the post Sweden vs. San Francisco.

A couple of days later, below are the photos I took this morning. Check out her site to see the one from Stockholm. AND – what does yours look like? Share with us in a link to your tweet, facebook, flickr (or whatever you use!) in our comments!

We will reflect your sunlight and twinkle back right to ya!

Have a lovely day.


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Hair Cast – Good Morning Starshine Lyrics

La da da da , da da da , da da da , da da da da da
da da da, da da da, da da dad a, da da da da da �.

Good morning starshine
The earth says hello
You twinkle above us
We twinkle below

Good morning starshine
You lead us along
My love and me as we sing
Our early morning singing song

Gliddy gloop gloopy
Nibby nobby nooby
La la la lo lo
Sabba sibby sabba
Nooby abba dabba
Le le lo lo
dooby ooby walla
dooby abba dabba
Early morning singing song

Good mornin’ starshine
There’s love in your skies
reflecting the sunlight
in my lovers eyes

Good morning starshine
so happy to be
My love and me , as we sing
Our early morning singing song

Gliddy gloop gloopy
Nibby nobby nooby
La la la lo lo
Sabba sibby sabba
Nooby abba dabba
Le le lo lo
dooby ooby walla
dooby abba dabba
Early morning singing song

(music interlude)

Can you hear me?

Singing a song
Loving a song



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