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Diaper Dude November 18, 2010

Today is a special day. A special friend of mine is having his birthday. He is very smart, ambitious, intellectual, generous, considerate, respectful, loving and… humoristic. Maybe I should also say practical.

When there is a birthday, or an important occasion happy or sad, he always remembers to deliver an appropriate message. When his best friend had become dad for the first time, he sent a very generous gift: diaper supply for a full year. (That is the story at least what I heard). What he didn’t expect was that up to this date today, whenever a diaper needs to be changed, they think of him.

All marketing is good marketing… no?

I came to think of this story when I read the Toilet Paper Entrepreneurs blog post this morning: Short Entrepreneur Stories: Why Did You Decide To Start Your Business?

Who would imagine creating a movement out of diapers? Check #35 in the blog post or check this Diaper Dude Website out. Diaper Dudes - the Movement

I also like what the grandpa of Linda (#5) had said “You go through life planning for the future. Then, one day you realize you’re living your future and there’s no sense in planning any more”. What ever you are planning for – Diaper Dude business, or something else – how about making that shift today? Really. What are you waiting for? What if it was easy?

I have 3 more things to say relating to this:

1) What if you are the one wearing the diapers!? Meaning – you have gotten the gift of starting all over. Draw on your resources, do what you need to do, to find a way to identify and create what really moves you and have a good impact on your environment.

2) Special Opportunity: Spark Your Fire and Fuel the Dream – spend Dec 9-11 in Carlsbad and ignite a lifetime of entrepreneurship with Michael E. Gerber.Register for Come Dream With Me!  in Carlsbad, CA  on Eventbrite If you want to attend this, and don’t know how – contact me, and let’s talk.

3) Happy Birthday original “Diaper Dude”, Mr Creator and Deal Maker Vikram Lamba! I know that you have sparked more than one movement so far!

Now to you dear reader: Which movement are you about to create? Or join? Or create value added to?

I am just saying… enjoy the process!


Maybe I should add – starting from scratch and creating from nothing can be a huge challenge. I am not undermining that. However – the perspective of “What if it was easy?” can definitely open up to a whole lot of ideas, opportunities and short cuts to making it happen. Just give that perspective a try.


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