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Dance like Frogs June 24, 2011

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Want to do something typical Swedish today? Find a Swedish Midsummer Celebration – I am sure there is one in your area, if not today, so this weekend if you live outside of Sweden. Then you join the dance around the midsummer pole, and dance and sing the “Small Frogs”. Couldn’t be more Swedish than that.

[Editorial add on: I got a comment on Facebook saying that “this makes absolutely no sense to me?”  – Maybe this article from NPR would add some valuable helpful content: Party Like The Swedes On Summer Solstice. It will give you some nice recipes as well. It states one thing: “Swedish midsommar essentially comes down to three things: friends, food and schnapps.” If you have been to one of the Swedish celebrations before, you know that there is no schnapps without singing –  I would claim that singing and dancing have an equally important role as well.

AND – yes, it is true. We don’t have a sunset in midsummer. As a matter of fact – right now it is 11.52pm, one hour outside of Stockholm –  and the sun has not fully set. June 29, 2011. ]



This video is from our Midsummer Celebration in San Diego a few years back. It got so many views so youtube offered to advertise on it!


The World of Music June 16, 2011

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YEAY! Got my Spotify back playing again. Can’t wait for it’s launch in the US.

So, in the world of music – with 13 million tracks to choose from  – which one would you love to play? I.e. which one would you add to my Summer 2011 playlist?

Music is joy. Wanna give me some? 😉 I might be able to share it… I know you are supposed to be able to… The playlist that is.

My Spotify is right now playing Crazy by Seal from the album Live in Paris. Do you agree that:

“In a world full of people, only some want to fly, 
Isn’t that crazy?

But, we’re never gonna survive
unless we get a little crazy…”?

If so, what will you do today that is a little, just a little, unreasonable?  😉

Bring it on. Enjoy,



Stand By Me June 13, 2011

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Sitting in Tullinge, Sweden. Working remotely, sort of. And jamming with singers all over the globe.

I got the question in San Francisco last week which song I would sing if I went to karaoke. Now, my answer would be this one. 🙂

“No matter who you are, no matter where you go in your life, you don’t need somebody to stand by you…”

Join the tune. Or another one: Playing for Change,





Open Landscapes June 6, 2011

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June 6. The National Day of Sweden. Here is Ulf Lundell’s “Open Landscapes” – the unofficial National Anthem, after the real one and… ABBA’s Dancing Queen 😉

Cheers Sweden! Enjoy…



Which seed are you planting today? June 3, 2011

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Sharing the video of the day from Simple Truths.

The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale. I’m wondering though – is it that strange at this point? Either way, it’s a good reminder.

Consciously plant your seed of thoughts and actions. The harvest will be so much more enjoyable…

Enjoy your day,


The Strangest Secret - Earl Nightingale, Simple Truths



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