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Hang Loose… October 24, 2011

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Hi tech, low tech, try tech – preparing for live streaming from Tuesday’s (tomorrow’s) event: “From Wonderland to Country of the Future”, hosted by Futura Factory – a new entrepreneur organization in Sweden that I had the pleasure to start with a couple of visionary entrepreneurs back home in Botkyrka.  The most international municipality in Sweden, with the tag line “långt ifrån lagom” (“far away from “just right”).  The definition of “lagom”: Not too much nor too little, not perfect nor average. This word only exist in the Swedish language, and it is said to be a definition of the Swedish mentality, one of consensus and equality.

It is a pleasure having a vision and creating the tools to make it happen. It might not be that complicated, as first thought. Maybe you don’t need to create – but just find out what is already available, package it and voila!

Tomorrow we will test our wings. Futura Factory, will be live streaming and making the event available for all Swedes globally who would want to dial in. This event is about how we can collaborate and create more opportunities locally and across borders with Swedish ex-pats included.

The event is starting off with a presentation by Tove Lifvendahl, writer / social commentator and Communications Director at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and her new book with the same title (From wonderland to future country: about national identity, development and emigration, 2011). “, followed by a panel discussion with colorful entrepreneurs.

Who else will join me  in the air? Register here. We will be able to comment and ask questions via chatroll directly from the streaming page! Come, try! And since this is in Swedish – I should really be writing in Swedish.But now you know. And should you want to try out a similar technology, you know who to ask! 😉

Hang loose, hang tight, hang out – tomorrow at 10am pst. 😉


I have Always Wondered… October 18, 2011

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Aha! I thought it was fashion!

So… can someone still explain this one…

Ok  – maybe I should add – I was initially looking through my photo library for that one photo of the skier, that would have proven the hypothesis on top wrong immediately. When doing so I found this one above. While it looks really really good in comparison – I took the photo just because it is a fashion that I really don’t understand. It is female pants too. Makes no sense to me. But now – comparing the two… I would wear these in a heart beat.

What ever you are comfortable in….just pull your pants up guys. 😉




Shared Happiness, Double…? October 17, 2011

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Shared happiness, double happiness, that is – in most cases – an obvious outcome.

With one of my best friends in town, I was eager to share with her my yoga practice. :O  This time we went to Pradeep’s session. Level 1-2. But it was not a game. By the time we get to the bicycle crunches I had gotten both the questions of how long time the class would be (“TWO hours!?”) and “did you say this wasn’t called “POWER Yoga?!”. And these bicycle crunches didn’t seem to end. I was wondering what nugget would come – he couldn’t do the same as Rusty last time. But he just kept going. Movement in variations. The sound effects in the room started getting loud and varied. Suddenly I look to my right and my eyes meet Ylva’s. She stops – stares at me and says clearly:

“Johanna, I will never again come and visit you.”

The world stopped for a second. And then the next song started playing…

Killing me softly. We love you Pradeep. Going forward we were both laughing and singing, in a relaxed stretch. What can you not create with a little bit of humor and music?

Just as my friend Anna labeled the yoga last weekend: “Detox, Joy and Reflection”.

Make love, not war,


Want to meet Pradeep?!


US Debut Documented October 14, 2011

Early August I wrote in the blog post Light Will Guide You Home: “I am sharing this song because I think it is beautiful, and beautifully sang by an artist I think who’s journey you would enjoy to follow from the early years”.

Little did I know then, that a US performance would be that close around the corner. I may have played a part in that happening, but you can only connect the dots looking backwards as someone wise said..

Enjoy this US Debut of Anna Bergendahl, together with her guitarist Joakim Tidemark coming for a 24 hour stop in San Francisco from Stockholm. They are performing three songs, in an intimate setting, at the end of the dinner and award celebrations at the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce San Francisco/Silicon Valley Annual Achievement Award Gala, oct 8 2011.

Here is a play list where you can do a fast replay, and catch up from the very start: Idol finalist 2008. “That is the most musically talented we have heard…. If you have that kind of caliber when you are 16 – then you can conquer the world… She will be our first star abroad.”

Good thing she followed her heart and pursued another audition to Idol in another city, since she got rejected for her young age the first time around… What does that teach us?




Smokin’ Hot October 13, 2011

Yeah – Smokin’n hot! And I am not talking about a man – I could, but I shouldn’t – I am talking about freak’n awesome Urban Flow Yoga with Rusty Wells. I know, I love this practice. It makes me high. And I am not the only one.

Yesterday afternoon a little email came out saying:

Just a little note to let you know that I will be teaching tonight (Wednesday) at 6:15 and then again tomorrow morning at 9. Yipee!

After that, I will be in Europe for a wee bit
(*see schedule below).

Rushing to the class after a conference call, a tid bit late, I sneak in when the chanting has just started. The room is already smoking of heat. The windows are foggy. (What expression would you use?) And I wouldn’t say the heater was the contributing factor. You could think it was Thanks Giving. The room was packed.

Ahh – there are so many nuggets coming out of this class. I’ll pick three.

First: being back in to yoga gives a great and powerful feeling. Suddenly in one pose, which usually is a stretch, the vision of the Blue Angels photo from Tuesday’s post comes up in my head. Feeling like a blue angels airplane breaking through the wall of sound – that is quite a powerful pose! And picture. It is good to have metaphors, whenever you use them.

Secondly: There is a parallel with yoga and coaching – more specifically your body in yoga and circle of life exercise. You go through areas that are strong, happy, flow with ease – and others that are totally stuck. That particular area could make you fall out of the pose instantly, unless you hear a voice saying “Don’t let life pass by you. Breathe through it.”

Thirdly: I wish I had heard all the 15 reasons what makes the perfect yoga bicycle pose – hopefully you can see the transition: you are lying on the back on the floor with 150 other people, pumping, almost rushing through with the rather fast music, this abs exercise of crunching while paddling a bike with the legs in large circles and meeting your elbows with opposite knee one after the other. By now you have already gotten quite a good workout. Your face probably say exactly that. (See the picture…) Right then the guidance come of what makes “the perfect yoga bicycle pose… because you love it, you know it is right, you believe in it, you feel every part of the movement, you slow it down…” AND then I couldn’t hear more! 😉

But I am sure it was smokin’ hot!

I am just saying… try it. It may not be for you. But try it. Below is the schedule in Europe, for all of you over sea. Working on adding Stockholm for the June visit.



Global Bhakti Flow
Join Rusty in Europe this October!

Paris – Rasa Yoga Rive Gauche
October 15-16 (Saturday and Sunday)

Amsterdam – Svaha Yoga
October 21-22 (Friday and Saturday)

Antwerp – Antwerp Yoga
October 23 (Sunday)

London – Jivamukti
October 29-30 (Saturday and Sunday)


In Taxi with Obama October 12, 2011

The quote of the day taken from  Facebook:

“I taxin på väg mot TV4. Sällskap i taxin : Obama, Armstrong , Jobs , Franklin , Dylan, Hemingway å winfery. 10.40 är det sagt i “efter tio”, jätteläskigt!”

with other words…

“In the taxi on the way to TV4. Company in the taxi: Obama, Armstrong, Jobs, Frankin, Dylan, Hemingway and Winfrey. 10.40 it’s on in”After ten”, super scary! “

Catrine Näsmark

It is always good  to be in good company.

You can read, see and hear more about the upcoming exhibition, “United Statements of America” on Catrine Näsmark’s website. (Translation available bottom left). Invitation to the opening below. You are invited.




Breaking Through October 11, 2011


Blue Angels by Roland H Slee

When I took my coaching certificate through CTI, the Coaches Training Institute three years ago, we were asked to find a metaphor for our coaching style. The one that came to me was “Blue Angels”.

This is how I described the coaching relationship back then:

Blue Angels. We fly together – we are strong, extremely strong, and we have a common goal. We can go high and low and we can do magical things, and still safe. We are not afraid of anything – what ever comes up is good. Everything is top secret. Blue Angels see what is important.

I get especially reminded of that every year during Fleet Week, that just passed. Sharing this fantastic photo taken by a friends, friend of mine, Roland H. Slee.  An FA-18 Hornet approaches the sound barrier during during the air show, on Saturday 8 October 2011.

Breaking trough. Sometimes I do it for and with others. Sometimes with myself. We all have challenges, or “areas for improvement” – or just a deep wish, mission, quest (you name it) that in some situations be “on the other side”, where imagination is reality. What ever you can use as inspiration on the way, take it. It may be a coach, your own metaphor, a song, an incident, frustration over something you really want to have but can’t, someone who passes your path and inspires you… let it push you over the edge.

I think I absorb inspiration from everywhere. Those are the lenses I am wearing, most of the time these days. It’s quite a survival strategy when I come to think of it. Life could be miserable, if you let it. Really – where ever you look, there is a little nugget you can get out of it. One of the wizard principles say: “Every little present comes wrapped in a problem.”

As my beloved yoga teacher, Rusty Wells, put it Sunday: “achieving something great – it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to work very hard. It may just mean that you need to stay open, and curious, and present.” That rings exactly well with the philosophy of Herringbone – envision the future, embrace the present, achieve more than you ever imagined.

Are you ready for the break through? Really? Can you face it?

I am. Come join me.



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