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US Debut Documented October 14, 2011

Early August I wrote in the blog post Light Will Guide You Home: “I am sharing this song because I think it is beautiful, and beautifully sang by an artist I think who’s journey you would enjoy to follow from the early years”.

Little did I know then, that a US performance would be that close around the corner. I may have played a part in that happening, but you can only connect the dots looking backwards as someone wise said..

Enjoy this US Debut of Anna Bergendahl, together with her guitarist Joakim Tidemark coming for a 24 hour stop in San Francisco from Stockholm. They are performing three songs, in an intimate setting, at the end of the dinner and award celebrations at the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce San Francisco/Silicon Valley Annual Achievement Award Gala, oct 8 2011.

Here is a play list where you can do a fast replay, and catch up from the very start: Idol finalist 2008. “That is the most musically talented we have heard…. If you have that kind of caliber when you are 16 – then you can conquer the world… She will be our first star abroad.”

Good thing she followed her heart and pursued another audition to Idol in another city, since she got rejected for her young age the first time around… What does that teach us?




2 Responses to “US Debut Documented”

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  2. I’m quite certain I am going to find out a great deal of new stuff below! All the best for an additional!

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