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Christmas in French – or Greek December 28, 2011

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Although I used to be pretty fluent in French from having lived, studied and worked in Annecy, France and Geneva, Switzerland for a year, it appears to be Greek for me (incomprehensible for Swedes) at times…

This figure is what Christmas this year reminded me of – with a more (at times hysterical) funny script.

Enjoy – and be careful with the fireworks this New Years!



I have Always Wondered… October 18, 2011

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Aha! I thought it was fashion!

So… can someone still explain this one…

Ok  – maybe I should add – I was initially looking through my photo library for that one photo of the skier, that would have proven the hypothesis on top wrong immediately. When doing so I found this one above. While it looks really really good in comparison – I took the photo just because it is a fashion that I really don’t understand. It is female pants too. Makes no sense to me. But now – comparing the two… I would wear these in a heart beat.

What ever you are comfortable in….just pull your pants up guys. 😉




Avoir la pêche. June 12, 2009

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I walked out the door yesterday morning catching myself almost forgetting to bring a fruit. Not that it is something that I always do – but, it’s sort of been the habit of the week, and I like it! Being in the process of brushing up my French I thought when going back out: “Bonne, j’ai la pêche!’ . Literally translated as, “[Great, I am] having the peach,” it means [I am] being in high spirits, having a lot of energy, feeling great physically and/or mentally — in other words, feeling peachy! It is an informal expression that is only used in casual conversation, but is not vulgar. (And the last piece I found when I googled the expression at work, and came to the very nice food blogg Chocolate & Zucchini.)

I am often amused by expressions, idioms, sayings and how they translate over languages. And now I am going into deep water, because I am an expert at mixing them up… you are welcome to correct me! “All roads lead to Venice, right?” (Geneva 2000). So what do we say in Sweden? Relating to peaches we have “hud mjuk som en persika”, a [facial] skin smooth as a peach; or could it be that the expression “kärnfrisk” is also derived from here since kärna also means stone (the center of the peach) – healthy to the core. I’d like to think so.

My instant recipe of feeling healthy to the core is to do some kind of movement form: dancing, Nia, 5 Rhythms – or right now more often yoga. I have my favorite class of Rusty Wells at Yoga Tree in Castro (outstanding – you must try!) across the city. But since he is a globetrotter wanted for his teachings around the world I found out that his great assistant Brad teaches a few blocks from where I live. So yesterday I received an email with the subject “Fwd: 63% Off Five Power Yoga Classes” from my friend Mari and dog walker, who also knows everything about this city, saying: Maybe this is something for you? This was the coolest thing. Not only that it was a great deal at the pad yoga studio that I had been intending to go the last couple of weeks, but also, I was introduced to the concept of Groupons. So great! Have you heard about it? OK – so for you guys and gals who are looking for great deals this is were to go as clients, but also for you entrepreneurs who have a service or a product to offer, this is a great way to market your product and get a bunch of clients in a day! The deal was “sign up for x number of 5-session classes for $30 each. We need to sell minimum 20 by the end of the day. Only if we do, your credit card will be charged”. At noontime when I purchased my couple of 5 sessions they had sold 97 of them already. Imagine that! Get your offer out there and bring your clients in!

Happy clients, thriving business, healthy core – a la pêche!



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