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Me and The Phantom of the Opera November 13, 2013

I’m coming home for Christmas! As I bought the ticket and the excitement started rushing up in me, the Christmas song started playing in my mind, “I am coming home for Christmas”, by Peter Jöback.

Then, it hit me…

Peter was a musical artist and rising star when I grew up. My cousins neighbor was his friend, and we were cheering for him when he participated in the “Melodifestivalen” – the pre-contest for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Peter was also managing the audition for the choir to the Lasse Kühlers Dansskola – the dance school where I ended up going for 5 years prior to the Ballet Academy. I was so so nervous for the singing audition. “Vem kan segla… ” (One of the easiest tunes there is.)

Peter was also “one of the Special Guests” in the US tour of Robert Wells Rhapsody in Rock with shows in Chicago, Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles and The Civic Theatre in San Diego 2005. The show, that was the incentive to register my company “Go Blue Promotions” (now dba Herringbone) – while working our butts off to get 1000 people in the audience in San Diego, so my friend Ylva Andell Elias could be a local guest artist singing on stage.

Rhapsody in Rock Peter Jöback

Peter, is now the Phantom of the Opera. On Broadway.

Three years ago I got the question: “Name three things you would do when you become a millionaire.” I think we had 5 minutes.  I shared it in an earlier post: I have a Dream. This was one of the 3 things:

Realize the vision of the Herringbone platform, selecting a true Herringbone story from Africa and turn it into a musical on Broadway, NYC – with performing cast from Africa.

That particular extension of the “Herringbone platform” was not something I had not thought before. But it stayed with me. And last week I got a non-profit in Africa wanting to use the solution – once it is created. (A minor hook).

The future will tell. Maybe I will have Peter to thank for reaching Broadway. Or I will manage the audition for him to be part of the cast…

Is it only me, or is your mind also taking loops like this? What is your dream? You may as well put it in words now… you never now.

What ever happens: Thank you for the music. Peter Jöback with Rapsody in Rock, and Ylva Elias at San Diego Civic Theatre exactly 8 years ago, November 13, 2005:



Broadway Next? November 10, 2013

Rönninge Show Chorus, GoldAnd the winner is…. Rönninge Show Chorus, from the Nordic Region! Rönninge Show Chorus won gold in the world championship of barbershop singing, in Honolulu Saturday November 9, 2013.  They received the highest score in history. Keep spreading the news…

Gosh – I am smiling as I see the video from the performance in the final.

1) To me barbershop has always been such an american style of singing – the clothing, make-up, everything around it. And actually, living in the US now, it still seems – a tad different.

2) I’m seeing a lot of faces from the old times 18 years ago – this choir (132 on stage) has members in the age of 16 to who knows 75?

3) It’s a solid musical performance – and what is the theme?????!!!!?!?!?!? Can’t believe it. As it has been my theme this fall.  In the final package shown in the video below from the webcast the choir performs 4 songs. The show-tunes start at 12min 25s.

New York next? Maybe re-joining this choir, would be the quickest way to Broadway. 😉 Not kidding. I wonder if I would make it in the audition for the spot in the middle of the front row again. Imagine the wall of sound coming over you being in the very middle of 150 singers… Pretty amazing.

My vote is: Broadway next.



Wild Red Rose August 27, 2010

Friday late afternoon. Sitting down trying to collect my thoughts and get focus and spirit to complete what I want before the day is over, and music came to my mind and voice. “När en vild röd ros slår ut…” I realize it was a long time ago since I sang.

When a wild red rose blooms, the whole forest is filled with aroma.

Around the whole world, in all various spots, red rose leafs.

I want to let love grow in the wild.

It is a beautiful song in Swedish by Eva Dahlgren, please enjoy.

It made me think of a coming musical with a similar theme – art and love – The Read Rose Girls. Can’t wait to hear about the progress.

Have you ever had a friend realizing a big dream? How did you support? Did you feel joy? Was it almost like you yourself did it? A little bit? Did it make you work on your own dream? Was it maybe part of your dream too?

The first example I think of is when I dove in to promote “Rhapsody in Rock and Robert Wells” in San Diego 2005. Dove in. All extra time that there was. We used all resources and engaged every volunteer that was willing to help. The Scandinavian community is powerful! We executed on almost every idea that we got. And they were not few.

The dream: for my friend Ylva to perform on stage with Robert Wells in one of the major sites in San Diego.

The challenge: 6 weeks to the show, 8 tickets sold, site that takes an audience of 2,000, tickets priced $75, $85 and $95, artist widely known in Sweden and China (see performance at the 1 year count down for the Olympics), artist unknown in the US, no marketing budget.

I am just saying: if you know where you want to head – there are so many ways to reach there. I think we, the team of three, wanted it so badly to happen so we where high on the fumes.

Initially we got engaged to get 100 in the audience. In the end, the show wouldn’t happen if we didn’t have 1,000 tickets sold.

I think you can imagine my smile behind the camera, when I November 13 2005, filmed the movie below. Ylva Elias on the stage with Robert Wells, Rhapsody in Rock musicians, the Vocaletts, Peter Jöback and American Idol winner Ruben Studdard in San Diego Civic Theatre.

Part II :

Now I am excited about my friend Brian Dorsey’s project: a musical being written in this very moment to hopefully reach Broadway. Just another stage. Same same, but different… 😉 The Red Rose Girls – an uncommon story about art and love. Just make a note to self.

Bloom people, bloom! Let us smell the roses!




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