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I Have a Dream January 16, 2012

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One year ago I got the question asked: “Name three things you would do when you become a millionaire.”

I think we had 5 minutes – it was in a group setting. These were my answers:

1) Eradicate the Jante Law in Sweden and create an entrepreneurial retreat center at the farm house my father left behind in the middle of the forest in Småland, Sweden.

2) Realize the vision of the Herringbone platform, selecting a true Herringbone story from Africa and turn it into a musical on Broadway, NYC – with performing cast from Africa.

3) Enjoy life with family and kids.

Someone said you should Dream Big… Michael E. Gerber always says: “Dream big, think small, and act even smaller”. If you don’t, it can be rather over whelming!

What is your Dream? Start sharing it – otherwise it will never happen. And watch out – someone will ask you “by when” – and then you are hooked.

Enjoy the ride, and Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!



5 Responses to “I Have a Dream”

  1. GeneGoldman Says:

    I would recommend the works of Ayn Rand. Reading about Jante Law reminds me of her story “Anthem”, Other great works of hers include “The Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged”.

    • I haven’t heard about Anthem, but The Fountainhead is one of the books by my side table… I better get on that New Year resolution to read more books.

      Met someone last week who had a goal (and accompanying blog) of 52 books in 52 weeks… That would make me go into a cave, but I’ll use her as inspiration. 🙂

      Thanks Gene!

  2. Your dreams are wonderful! Great, inspirational post.

  3. […] do when you become a millionaire.” I think we had 5 minutes.  I shared it in an earlier post: I have a Dream. This was one of the 3 […]

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