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The #artificialswedener – Guaranteed Success! June 21, 2012

“Operation Artificial Swedener

Sweden lets one citizen tweet for the country every week, but Stephen finds that he is 100xs more suited for this than the entire nation of Sweden.”

I vote yes! for Stephen Colbert to be a @sweden forteign rep for a week.  That would be hilarious! Watch the movie, if the code translates properly…



Seems like the @sweden followers doubled since this show was aired. Tag on you too! Follow: @sweden


Honorary… June 15, 2012

We all have a story to share. A story that would be beneficial for someone else to hear. Please listen to this one below:

YouTube Description: 2012 Keystone College Commencement Keynote Address, delivered by Entrepreneur Magazine’s Mikal E. Belicove, a 1986 graduate of Keystone College. Here, Mikal advises the Class of 2012 to focus on possibilities more so than expectations, and reminds us that life is about setting and correcting course, and honoring those who help along the way.

Knowing Mikal today, I would not have believed this part of his past. Way to honor mom! And to accept and honor self. And be honored…

What ever happened in the past – it is never too late to course correct and give kudos back. That said – how could all of this apply to you?




The Lioness Hunt June 14, 2012

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Things often come in three. That is a good thing. Do you want me to share?

  1. The lioness speaks. Yes, there is one such. At Ideas From The Heart. What she speaks about I can’t say yet, but check it out for yourself… http://bit.ly/IFTHJune2012.
  2. The lioness runs. Join the routine – just started, and intended such – running the Lyon Street Steps 5 mornings of the week. It feels like the Lion’s Stairs.
  3. The lioness sings. Or someone else may sing the Lioness Hunt. Come let us sing for you! My a cappella group Keeva performs tomorrow night:
The Richter Scales, Rapid Transit, and Keeva A Cappella in concert! Three sets of 30 minutes each. $10 at the door includes all the drinks and Mother’s Circus Animals you want. Doors open at 7:15PM. Singing starts at 8:00PM. Be there!http://rapidtransitacappella.com/

2222 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA 94115




My Idea From Heart – On The List… June 12, 2012

From idea to reality in 90 days.

Not very long ago I got a call from Anthony Lee, who in our Master Mind Group had come up with an idea. A TED-like event, with training to prepare for the stage, for ‘everyday heroes’ to share their legacy message.

Shortly thereafter, March 14, I receive the OFFICIAL INVITATION.

[…] In collaboration with the non-profit organization “Leaders Causing Leaders”, I am proud to announce our premier event “Ideas From the Heart” San Francisco.  This is a two day event, June 23-24, 2012, where “40 everyday heroes take an idea that has shaped their lives, and share 40 ideas that will change yours”

IdeasFTH is a Hero’s Journey to the Stage.   Along the way, you will be mentored by four master trainers to incorporate four core elements into your presentation: heart-centered, community inspired, authentically expressed and dynamically impactful.  As a community of heroes, this is the quality of messages we bring to the stage to change lives. […]

A community created event. An enrolled co-founder Ben Patwa, and a greater vision.

40 speakers became 12, and the inaugural event is taking place. With my name on the speaker list. What an honor.

You are welcome to be part of this event and community – maybe you will be the next speaker. What is the ONE idea that you would share from your heart, that you would want the world to know and benefit from? What would be your legacy message? 

Get your tickets here: http://bit.ly/IFTHJune2012

And watch the trailer! Bam! 😉



Happy Go Lucky June 11, 2012

America’s Finest City Half Marathon. Check.

That was 10 years ago.

So I thought running one half marathon every 10 years wouldn’t be to overdo it…

This time, it is the Nike Women’s Marathon 2012  – the half version.

Having left my running shoes in Sweden (last year) I got new one yesterday. I am feeling the excitement start to pump up. Feels good to have a goal in mind.

My goal? Under 2 hours. With a certain branding on my t-shirt…

If running is not for you – what “label” of marathon would you be willing to sign up for ? Set a goal. Get some new shoes. And go at it!

Just to check – better be on the safe side when expressions come my way – to avoid any awkward lost in translation moments… : hap·py-go-luck·y (h p -g -l k ). adj. Taking things easily; carefree. happygolucky. – it’s the attitude that makes or brakes you.

Enjoy the ride,



My Shoes June 2, 2012

I just had quite an interesting conversation with someone about playfulness and creativity, and how she loved the video when I jumped into the Virtual Facebook Dance Off Championship 2011 last fall. If I would jump out of my creative shoes – and leave the torch to you – what creative video would you come up with?

Wanna play?

Enjoy your weekend,




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