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The Lioness Hunt June 14, 2012

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Things often come in three. That is a good thing. Do you want me to share?

  1. The lioness speaks. Yes, there is one such. At Ideas From The Heart. What she speaks about I can’t say yet, but check it out for yourself… http://bit.ly/IFTHJune2012.
  2. The lioness runs. Join the routine – just started, and intended such – running the Lyon Street Steps 5 mornings of the week. It feels like the Lion’s Stairs.
  3. The lioness sings. Or someone else may sing the Lioness Hunt. Come let us sing for you! My a cappella group Keeva performs tomorrow night:
The Richter Scales, Rapid Transit, and Keeva A Cappella in concert! Three sets of 30 minutes each. $10 at the door includes all the drinks and Mother’s Circus Animals you want. Doors open at 7:15PM. Singing starts at 8:00PM. Be there!http://rapidtransitacappella.com/

2222 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA 94115




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