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Honorary… June 15, 2012

We all have a story to share. A story that would be beneficial for someone else to hear. Please listen to this one below:

YouTube Description: 2012 Keystone College Commencement Keynote Address, delivered by Entrepreneur Magazine’s Mikal E. Belicove, a 1986 graduate of Keystone College. Here, Mikal advises the Class of 2012 to focus on possibilities more so than expectations, and reminds us that life is about setting and correcting course, and honoring those who help along the way.

Knowing Mikal today, I would not have believed this part of his past. Way to honor mom! And to accept and honor self. And be honored…

What ever happened in the past – it is never too late to course correct and give kudos back. That said – how could all of this apply to you?




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