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Love, me. March 29, 2013

This morning, I was talking to the world. And the world started talking back to me.

Both of us were lonely, a little angry. Both of us looking for a friend.

We were saying how we’d never be alone again.

All I heard was two little words: love, me. Love, me. Love, me.

And that the end of the note, that I wrote to the world:

Can you here me? Are you listening?

Love me.

These are the first lines from one song on the U.S. debut by Swedish singer Anna Bergendahl. On the record label Decca Records website you can read:

On April 30th, Decca Records will release Anna Bergendahl’s U.S. debut, “Something To Believe In.” The album is the latest entry in producer Larry Klein’s celebrated oeuvre, which includes the work of Joni Mitchell, Tracy Chapman and Madeleine Peyroux.

Read their full announcement here.

Some of us have heard Anna sing at the Swedish equivalent to “Idol”. Or in the final of The Eurovision Song Contest. Or at the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce San Francisco Achievement Award Gala 2011. If you didn’t – you can read about and hear her here in my blog post: US Debut Documented. Soon you will hear much more of her, I am sure.

This video below, is a recording of the song “Love, me” on the coming record (released in Sweden last October), performed in a Swedish TV News program.

Listen. Love, her voice. Enjoy. There is nothing else to do.

The world is listening Anna! Welcome over! 


2 Responses to “Love, me.”

  1. rolfkenmo Says:

    Many hugs! There will soon be spring!

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