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Shared Happiness, Double…? October 17, 2011

Filed under: coaching,Inspiration,Yoga — Johanna C. Nilsson @ 6:51 am

Shared happiness, double happiness, that is – in most cases – an obvious outcome.

With one of my best friends in town, I was eager to share with her my yoga practice. :O  This time we went to Pradeep’s session. Level 1-2. But it was not a game. By the time we get to the bicycle crunches I had gotten both the questions of how long time the class would be (“TWO hours!?”) and “did you say this wasn’t called “POWER Yoga?!”. And these bicycle crunches didn’t seem to end. I was wondering what nugget would come – he couldn’t do the same as Rusty last time. But he just kept going. Movement in variations. The sound effects in the room started getting loud and varied. Suddenly I look to my right and my eyes meet Ylva’s. She stops – stares at me and says clearly:

“Johanna, I will never again come and visit you.”

The world stopped for a second. And then the next song started playing…

Killing me softly. We love you Pradeep. Going forward we were both laughing and singing, in a relaxed stretch. What can you not create with a little bit of humor and music?

Just as my friend Anna labeled the yoga last weekend: “Detox, Joy and Reflection”.

Make love, not war,


Want to meet Pradeep?!


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