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Hang Loose… October 24, 2011

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Hi tech, low tech, try tech – preparing for live streaming from Tuesday’s (tomorrow’s) event: “From Wonderland to Country of the Future”, hosted by Futura Factory – a new entrepreneur organization in Sweden that I had the pleasure to start with a couple of visionary entrepreneurs back home in Botkyrka.  The most international municipality in Sweden, with the tag line “långt ifrån lagom” (“far away from “just right”).  The definition of “lagom”: Not too much nor too little, not perfect nor average. This word only exist in the Swedish language, and it is said to be a definition of the Swedish mentality, one of consensus and equality.

It is a pleasure having a vision and creating the tools to make it happen. It might not be that complicated, as first thought. Maybe you don’t need to create – but just find out what is already available, package it and voila!

Tomorrow we will test our wings. Futura Factory, will be live streaming and making the event available for all Swedes globally who would want to dial in. This event is about how we can collaborate and create more opportunities locally and across borders with Swedish ex-pats included.

The event is starting off with a presentation by Tove Lifvendahl, writer / social commentator and Communications Director at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and her new book with the same title (From wonderland to future country: about national identity, development and emigration, 2011). “, followed by a panel discussion with colorful entrepreneurs.

Who else will join me  in the air? Register here. We will be able to comment and ask questions via chatroll directly from the streaming page! Come, try! And since this is in Swedish – I should really be writing in Swedish.But now you know. And should you want to try out a similar technology, you know who to ask! 😉

Hang loose, hang tight, hang out – tomorrow at 10am pst. 😉


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