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Resource or Resourcefulness? October 11, 2012

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Anthony Robins at DreamforceWe have the expression in Swedish: The art of cooking a soup of a nail. Basically, to create something with very little or no resources. It comes from an old Scandinavian tale, telling the story of a man who made soup from a rusty nail.

Listening to Anthony Robins at Dreamforce in San Francisco recently, one of the key points that he had was: Resources are never the problem. Its the resourcefulness. Emotions are the ultimate resource. Creativity, commitment, determination, certainty, flexibility, connectivity, compassion, vision…

Which resource are you drawing upon today?

Get at it!




I am like an IKEA chair April 27, 2012

I think I got the best complement ever last week when I asked Rakesh about his perception of me, or why he asked the question the day before “if I am an excited person”.”Do you think I am?”, I asked him. The response was: “NO, I don’t get you. You are like an IKEA chair: you have a really good idea, and you are about to produce it not knowing that the market really wants it, and you will sell for a billion dollars”.

The truth of the matter is: I do believe that the market want this.
And funny enough: I already had IKEA in my vision statement.

This is my 2010 Dream – Vision – Purpose – Mission – statement, per the Michael E. Gerber E-Myth/Dreaming Room model:

Dream (WHAT):

To enable and capture transformational journeys worldwide.

Vision (HOW):           
To create the IKEA of transformational journeys documented.

Purpose (WHY & for WHOME):
Enable every individual who wants to make a change in their life and impact in this world to reach their dream, and at the same time inspire others.

Mission (HOW):
Create a state of the art journal software that will help the user ENVISION the future, EMBRACE the presence and ACHIEVE more than imagined, with the output of a well designed e-book or printed book.

Not only has Facebook and Timeline become, sort of, one of the competitors. Now, seeing the below video from CNN, I am  fearing that IKEA itself is tapping into my field… Although, the Herringbone solution is much more straight forward. 😉 I bet you would be willing to give it a try.





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