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Carnegie Hall June 24, 2009

I have just finished watching the movie Buena Vista Social Club. My heart sings. Witnessing their journey, hearing their stories – from the streets in Cuba to a full house in Carnegie Hall, New York. Now THAT is what I mean with “sinking your teeth into what you really would love to do”.  Do what your heart calls you to. Wow. The energy, the pure joy, the rhythm in their veins and the happiness that they radiate is a result of just that. 

The great thing in today’s day and age is that it doesn’t need to take a lifetime to get there. But it does take dedication. Intention. Communication. And a dose of imagination. 

My most recent example of this is Kiril Kulish, winner of The Tony Award for Best Performance and Leading Actor in a Musical for his role in “Billy Elliot” on Broadway. Man! If you see this boy perform you would know why. 14 years old, first musical, best award – where will it end? True – he has been gifted with a number of talents – but he has given it his all. He may be young, but he has numbers of years of dedicated practice behind him. And as he stated himself when receiving the award: “To all you kids out there – if you may want to dance, never give up!”

What ever your heart calls you to do – never give up!
Use your imagination to paint the best picture ever. Set the intention and be dedicated to get there. Communicate and let the world know what you want – you never know who you may meet, who they may know, what random connections the universe is creating for you and what can be possible. 

I have an idea of a software that I have the biggest vision for. It will be one of the standard applications on Mac. That is my equivalent of Carnegie Hall. It is the picture I have in my mind today, and it may get there. It may end up somewhere else, equally good or better.  

What would be your equivalent of Carnegie Hall? 


By the way: here is the full movie – enjoy! 


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