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And the Winner is… June 27, 2009

Earlier this week I attended the Big Success Business Pitch Summer Contest, organized by the San Francisco Entrepreneurs Meetup Group. These were the five contestants who all made a fantastic job presenting their companies:

  1. Bill Brobeck – Chief Technical Officer Brobeck Solar Energy
  2. Meghan Connolly Haupt – Founder of Sulusso
  3. Ben Lewis – Founder of Engage As You Age
  4. Hilary DeCesare – Co-founder and CEO of Girl Ambition and
  5. Dan Porras, Founder & CEO of Planetwize

The winner selected by both the panel and the audience was Ben Lewis– Founder of Engage As You Age.

At Engage As You Age, LLC, we offer far more than friendly companionship; we know how to rekindle an older adult or senior’s involvement with contemporary life.

We’re not a caregiving company. What we are is a unique organization that carefully pairs insured, bonded, and trained employees with clients who share similar interests and passions. We personalize all of our matches to ensure that you or your loved one’s temperament and interests mesh well with those of a carefully selected activity specialist.

Our 2- to 3- hour visits are a surprisingly cost-effective way to bolster intellectual and emotional well-being. Our services are based on our belief that seniors deserve more than a life focused on meds and maintenance.

That is very cool. Connect our elderlys to their passion, and make them live a prolonged happier and healthier life. Being a promoter of music myself, I think Dan Porras had an interesting solution with the Planetwize: promoting music for a cause, with a business model that supports the musicians. I was only there to listen and learn…

It reminded me of a presentation course I took with Dale Carnegie in Stockholm some 15 years ago. At every session we gave short presentations, and there were contests in different categories. The winner was guided to give a Thank you speech following their 3-step model, which as my memory recalls was as follows: 1. Thank you, and express garatitude/appreciation. 2. This prize/token/award will always remember me of… 3. Thank you.

I had the honor of receiving such an award at the last session of the course, and the “Dale Carnegie Winner” Pen that I received would always remember me of a story that the leader shared during the first session. It was about jumping grasshoppers. You can soon read the story in my about page – but basically, I would always thrive to and encourage others to live and act as free as grasshoppers naturally do. Hm. Maybe that is what I still do now, with the Dale Carnegie Winner Pen in a different format. OK – so let’s go…

Aim high, and jump! The winner is you.



One Response to “And the Winner is…”

  1. Ben Lewis Says:

    Many thanks for talking about the contest and Engage As You Age winning. i really appreciate it. Best, Ben Lewis (founder of Engage As You Age)

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