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Walking the Talk – Declaring the Independence! July 4, 2009

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As you may know, if you read my prior post, I gave my #1 tip to break a bad habit: Make it public! 

“In order to break a bad habit you need to make it public! Broadly. It’s just like creating something positive, making a dream happen. Make yourself heard, let people know what you are up to and repeat it many times – that will make it real.”

This was published by the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur (TPE) along with 38 other tips three days ago. Next thing I know, I get an invitation to participate in the “Business Independence Declaration” blog post, in support and celebration of the independence day. So how can I not? Let’s make it public!:

Freedom of Creation

I declared my own independence by resigning from my full time work in finance* that I enjoy, to start a business that I love.  I am now creating a lifestyle that I dreamed of – creating, promoting, and coaching others to do the same – and I am darn proud of it. Skål and happy July 4th!

The lifestyle that I am about to create will bridge the gap in-between Sweden and where I live. It will allow me to be more free in terms of where I spend my time in order to still live my life where ever it takes me, work with what I love AND be present with my family in good and bad times. Many individuals reach this when they are retired. I want to do it while my parents are retired and my nephew is still a baby. I love you!

I missed the deadline for the TPE post – but do read the full list and get inspired by clicking here. What would be your declaration of independence? And what will it be next year? 😉 Nudge, nudge…

Happy July 4th everyone!

*I have committed to stay on the team until October 31 to work with next years budget. If you know of a company that is either related to Sweden and San Francisco/CA/US or flexible in terms of location, seeking a partner and seem to fit my personality and expertise – please let me know! 


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