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The Art of Making Out! July 16, 2009

When I was on vacation in Sweden two years ago, I went into my mom’s office at one point to use her phone. While being on the phone my eyes swiped over the desk, and there was a book with the title “Hångla mer!” MOM! What is she reading?! She being a fairly conservative Medical Doctor and politician, that title surprised me quite a bit. Or maybe it was me being conservative?! I learnt that she got it as a gift from work, and it pretty much was mandatory reading during the vacation. Pfizer, as many other companies, had hired the audience celebrated author Klas Hallberg as a motivational speaker.

I started reading the book and didn’t put it aside until finished. Very entertaining, thought provoking and inspiring. And I am so excited – it’s about to be published in English! “The Art of Making Out!” Click here to read the first chapters.

In this book, what I’m inviting you to do is to understand “making out”
more as a symbolic expression of surrendering yourself to a juicier
experience of life.

It’s a metaphor for letting go.

The thesis of this book is that letting go is the meaning of life itself.

To make out.

To let go.

Hook, line and sinker.

To experience both grief and joy. Both pleasure and pain

Experience life fully. Your way. Let go, dare to be disappointed and go for your dream… otherwise you will never have a chance to enjoy it.

Do you want to enjoy the full version of “The Art of Making Out!” and Klas Hallberg live in the US? – LET ME KNOW! We’ll send him a collective invitation. Sign up your company, sign up your parents, your partner and yourself. Did you read the first chapters? Do it. And I am serious, let me know through my contact page or comment below.

Let’s dare to be disappointed… and enjoy!

[Update: the first chapter is not still available – but the full book is! Get it here. Enjoy.]


3 Responses to “The Art of Making Out!”

  1. I love your post! I agree that we should enjoy life because we live only once. We should also spend time “dressing for success”, not only outwardly but inwardly. We should know what we really want in life or in business and think how we can get there.


    • You are right – how you are “dressed” inwardly is worth spending time on! A daily morning check-in and “energetic realignment” as you write on your website, or possible course correction of your thinking pattern is probably more important than looking good outwardly. Makes it easier to succeed and enjoy what you are heading towards.

      Thanks for comment!

  2. John Chapkan Says:

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