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Welcome Home! August 7, 2009

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AUSSI0020Just a reflection from having traveled far recently. To have someone waiting for you at the airport with open arms, a warm hug, a smile and the words “welcome home” – it is such a treat.

Being used to taking care of myself, getting a ride to and from the airport was something that I never even asked for. Having experienced it though, makes me realize how much it means.

So what does it take? A question! “Would you mind picking me up at the airport?” It could be a quick ride over for a colleague or a friend. It could be your family members or partner who would long to see you and do what ever it takes to be there. That is my mom – and it really makes me feel loved and longed for.

I know I am not the only one not wanting to bother others by asking for help – so now I will ask: Would you want a ride from the airport? Who would you want to be picked up by at the airport? [Ask them!] Or whom could you treat today by giving them a ride to or from the airport? [Go do it!] Count on me – I’ll do what I can to make it.

Share the flight info, date and time so that all involved can check for delays or changes and plan their time accordingly. It makes it so much easier and hazel free, and the likelihood that someone will do it again is so much higher should there be changes.

If you are traveling and have no one to ask, or no one available – read this:




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