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It’s a Gift August 28, 2009

Filed under: coaching,Health,Inspiration — Johanna C. Nilsson @ 11:20 am

I had the privilege to spend a wonderful evening with a friend of mine from an “earlier generation” a couple of nights ago. We went for dinner at Fringale – one of the absolute pearls when it comes to French Basque-inspired food in San Francisco. Small and packed, but quiet, and delicious food. Perfect for good discussions and private conversations. Business or private. (Thanks Liz for the recommendation!)

I love when friendship is ageless. Meaning, age does not matter. Some of the most significant individuals in my life, whom I see as very close friends, are or were part of a different generation. I started with my grandma’s generation, and then my mom’s…  today I am getting friends in the younger generations, which means that I am getting into that “golden age” myself ;). Very cool individuals – and where ever I go I get one or two new ones.

What do they have in common? Young in heart and mind, with empathy, curious about people and life, heaps of experience and life learning’s and they do what they love – or they come across that way. Great attitude to life. They find pleasure in things – small things or big things that matter to them. Mostly it has been female bonding, with rare exceptions. The legend Gary Becker is one of those – the Danish/Swedish long-term car rental owner from San Diego, who thought I should take over his business when he retired. He always pulled my leg, posed intriguing questions and shared his life stories and reflections. It is a good way to get out of the box!

The TPE blogged about “44 ways to find a mentor!” which was mostly relating to the business setting of course. If you would want a life mentor – whom in your life would you turn to? Or, who could you inspire by sharing your lifestory and point of view?

At the end of the dinner Wednesday evening, I asked Les: “if you would give one advise to anyone you meet – what would that be?” “You know – life is a gift. It is truly a gift to be on this earth. Having had a husband who passed away at age of 42, I tell everyone to make the most out of it. What ever you want to do – whether it is starting a business or spending a year in Thailand or you name it – go do it now.”

Said in a different way – with my yoga teacher Rusty Wells words: “We yogis know that breathing is most important, and the number of breaths we have on this earth is limited. Take a breath, and make this one count.”



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