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Who Sets the Limits? August 29, 2009

During my five years living in San Diego – nothing could beat kicking off the weekend with a 9am Saturday Nia class with Rocco Ragano at Eight Elements West. Outstanding Nia teacher and excellent dancer. Rounding it off with a Cafe Latte from Vahik’s Coffee brought down to Windansea Beach to breathe in the ocean breeze, watch the surfer pro’s and catch up on life with the girlfriends or myself. Unbeatable. Keep your eyes and ears open – Rocco will be visiting San Francisco to teach Nia this fall. I’ll let you know the details.

Rocco posted the below youtube movie on his Facebook wall. Beautiful and very touching. It is quite an inspiration and great reminder of: What is really possible? Who sets the limits? Take a moment to watch it!

In your situation right now – what is really important to you? What would you like to achieve or create? With a beginners mind, what do you commit to?

You set the limit. Don’t let anyone else do it. Lift the bar! You can do it!



2 Responses to “Who Sets the Limits?”

  1. Hannah Brown Says:

    This is truly amazing! Impressive example of how external expectation or predjudice have not stopped these two artists and minds. Love it.

    Also, I really appreciate your blog. Very wise thoughts. Mind if I blog about you in my blog?

  2. Hannah – thank you, and likewise! I have heard about your blog, and happened to peak in quickly earlier this week. http://www.confidenthannah.blogspot.com everyone! Of course I don’t mind if you blog about me – and I’ll soon respond to your other comment in a post. Stay tuned…

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