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Finally Home February 9, 2010

Tullinge – the beautiful home where I grew up, where I as a 6 year old imagined living until I was 90 (seemed somewhat resistant to change of what I liked…). By then I would still have two long braids (I would never cut my hair short), wear black leather pants (my cousin who I looked so much up to had those), still be a practicing Idla girl (really – it would be possible!), and take my grand kids skiing. I was going to be an iron grandma. In a cool way.

I used to look back at that picture and smile at myself – cute thoughts by a young little girl – but reflecting over it now, I still kind of like it! The essence of preserving the connection to the roots, good self-care, a little danger or spice in life, dance, passing on knowledge and activities that has enriched my life to younger generations and be active with my grand kids.  How do you see yourself towards the end of your life?

All I know is that dreams do manifest. Reality may end up slightly different, the road there might not be what you imagined, but dreams do manifest.

An addition to my imagination was that my brother who had a great eye for design and architecture would build his own designed house on the same piece of land. The reality is that he and his wife just bought his dream house next to my parents. Fascinating…

Coming home, there is nothing much that has changed in the neighborhood, apart from a few new houses. Quite a few. It’s really beautiful with the dramatic mountain with a historic landmark from the Iron Age overlooking the lake. The majority of the neighbors are still living there. Younger generations have returned. Arne’s Livs for groceries has turned into Sabis. There is one really nice addition to the stores in “Centrum”. Auntie. A design and antique gift store with mostly Swedish and Danish design, right next to the library.

I bought a new doormat with the text “äntligen hemma” – finally home. It makes me smile when I arrive at the door. Of course I bought two – one for my U.S. home, and one for my Swedish. Making my current dream manifest…

Which dream do you want to manifest?

Enjoy the process and bring it home,



One Response to “Finally Home”

  1. Karin Says:

    Yes, it’s true. Dreams do manifest. I almost forgot, but thanks to your blog I got reminded. Just dream and it will come true.

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