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Buying Water is Dodgy February 20, 2010

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Sometimes very little is needed to have a positive impact in the world. Take for example the act of buying bottled water. How annoying can that be? Water is PreciousNo matter how much information there is about it – there might be many reasons why many people are still uninformed, and keep going on with the same destructive behavior.

Recently I got invited to the facebook group “Drick kranvatten för i helvete!” (“Drink tap water dam it!”) which reminded me about the topic. Little did I know that Swedes drink 260m liters bottled water per year. We import 180m liters (350% more than 5 years ago!) and export 30m liters (that’s an interesting exchange)! Maybe the graphic display below can help understand the impact of it (click to see the complete picture). If you don’t trust your tap water – get a water pitcher with a filtration system!

When visiting a restaurant in the bay area in December, I for the first time saw the sign on the table saying: “Water is Precious on California’s Central Coast. Limited water supplies make it necessary to serve water only when you request it. If you would like a glass of water, please ask. Thank you”. Never before have I been that mindful about the water I drank. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to make sure to stay and finish that precious glass of water.

My personal wake up call was a while back when I (driving around with a 12-pack of bottled water in my car) got the comment from a friend in the fashion of a clear statement: “Buying water is dodgy”. Simple as that.

“Många bäckar små blir till en stor å.” as we say in Swedish – “Many small brooks will form a big river.” How can you make a difference?

Or, to turn it up just a notch, move it to an entrepreneurial context and quote the Inc.com nominated #1 small business guru Michael E. Gerber:

“We are here for a reason. We are here to create Earth. If you would believe that – how would you live your life?”

What life relating and entrepreneurial ideas does that quote invoke in you?
Mindfully yours,


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2 Responses to “Buying Water is Dodgy”

  1. vattentornet Says:

    mycket bra inlägg Johanna! Jag hoppas att debatten återtas i svenska medier inom kort. flaskvatten är onödigt! //Petronella

  2. Tack Petronella! I agree – keep doing what you are doing!

    I like the youtube movie you have in your blog:


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