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As Timely as the Tax Forms March 10, 2010

And ever since, the phrase has popped up in my mind, especially around tax season. Eight and a half years later. Why? Because it was so unexpected.

There I was, with my father, at the Swedish Historical Diving Society (Svensk Dykhistorisk Förening) on Djurgården in Stockholm. They were having a movie evening, showing an old film about a sailing and scuba diving excursion to the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. There was this classic story-telling voice, and the black and white pictures. The whole project was very well planned. They made all preparations necessary and arrived – “as timely as the tax forms!”

I am fascinated about expressions and sayings, but that one… I haven’t heard before or after, in any language. How about you? Is that because of a country like Sweden relaying heavenly on tax to support the social system and someone being slightly ironic about it? Maybe.

In any case, it is important to file your taxes on time. If you live in California, I can warmly recommend my CPA to my fellow business owners, and also for personal filing. Steve Kopff is exceptional. Just click this link to yelp and you’ll get why. Efficient, accurate, organized. March 15… it’s coming up! (For Corporations that is – April 15th is the US tax deadline for us normal deadly. So no stress.)

If you are interested in scuba diving – the Swedish Historical Diving Society is a gem you probably haven’t heard about. It’s a society that was founded 1979, in order to save the old Navy escape training tower to future generations. It’s located just next to the Vasa museum and is run as a private museum with limited opening hours during the summer months. Confirm with their website or email if you want to go there. Slightly different than the modern version used by the American Navy Seals on Coronado I can imagine…

I celebrate this evening, because I just got my tax submission in. Everything is OK. 😉

Take good care,


Everything is "OK".


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