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Pole Dancing. Really!? April 28, 2010

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It was on Martha Stewart show and Late Night with Connan O’Brian… the “new” trend of fitness in Hollywood: Pole Dancing. Not that I watch TV, but I had to find some decent reference points…  😉 Because it can be. Thank you for Internet and youtube!

It’s probably not that new at this stage, but it seems to gain ground popping up here and there. It’s on the Bay Area National Dance Week program. It was offered through Groupon – from which I found that there are two studios in my own neighborhood! And of course I had to try it out. Forwarded the Groupon email to some girlfriends, and off we went 10am a Saturday morning. Per Groupon, there were 437 women who bought an intro class to pole dancing that one day.

I know – I ended the last post with the questions: Which dance do you want to dance? Whom’s dance do you want to follow? This was not quite what I meant. However… I would say it was a lot of fun, and it’s a perfect something to do with your girlfriends at a bachelorette party or a birthday. We were a group of 12 inbetween 30-50 years old. It’s done in a warm, safe, intimate and humoristic environment at S Factor. The lesson might start as any other yoga/Pilates session – and it brings the body awareness and body connection to a whole new level…

The number one quote I have from the teacher – especially when walking around the pole and doing the Fire Fly (see youtube movie above for demo) – is:

When in doubt – put your butt out.

For some creatures, this pole dancing thing seems totally natural… who knew.

In either way – it’s a really good workout for your core and provides excellent muscle toning. Of course.




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