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Londoners: What are you listening to? July 10, 2011

Filed under: coaching,Inspiration — Johanna C. Nilsson @ 3:16 pm
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Coming back to Sweden and being able to listen to Spotify made me ask around for friends music favorites. I can’t say that I got a whole lot of input. Sometimes it is like that. If you are really curious, and if you really are looking for inspiration or an answer to something – keep looking, keep asking. Ask people you wouldn’t normally ask. You may be surprised. You may get an answer you absolutely did not expect. You may get a very different perspective. You may get to know a different side of the person you are asking.

Listen to the answers people gave in London – would you have expected?

I am just saying: Music rock, ABBA rock, you rock. Go find whatever answer you are looking for. The one who searches he shall find…

Enjoy the process 😉



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