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Ghandi. Dancing. November 12, 2011

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Via Guy Kawasaki and Alltop.com, I came across this fabulous picture and post:

Redditor “Dakshesh” posted an image showing Mahatma Gandhi busting a move on the dance floor. Via Reddit.

Same day I also came across a blog post on Franspiration with this quote:

“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It is to enjoy each step along the way.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Another way of saying that the destination is not the goal, it is the journey.

This, is my signature poem on dance and life:

Dansa mig, LIV,
Dansa mig levande vind!
Jag är din
med all min följsamhet
och frihetslängtan.

Lär mig de svåraste stegen!
Testa och träna och tänj mig
i turer som ingen kan ana!
Allt vill jag våga och vinna
med dig som partner i dansen!
Och faller jag så faller jag gärna,
när du är den arm som för mig,
den famn som fångar och bär mig.

Margareta Melin, ur Kärleken en bro 1992

Below is an attempt to translation – but as Margareta Melin felt when I emailed with her a few years ago: it doesn’t make it justice.
I think you do get the meaning of it though.

Dance me, LIFE,
Dance me living wind!
I am yours,
With all my grace
and longing for freedom.

Teach me the most difficult steps!
Test me, train me, and stretch me
in routines that no one can foresee!

I want to dare and win, everything,
with you as my dancing partner!
And if I fall
I fall with joy
when you are the arm that leads me
the arms that catches and carries me.

Enjoy your next step on the dance floor,



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