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My First Love November 13, 2011

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November 13, 2011. Fathers Day in Sweden. Exactly 24 years since my father had a severe life changing injury. Almost 2 years since he passed away.

After my morning routine of meditation and writing my morning pages, I picked up an old book from 1930 that my father gave me at Christmas 7 years ago; “The Pearl Diver” by Victor Berge. The first chapter reads:

My First Love.

The first time in my life that I fell in love, was in a sailing boat. Now, thirty years after, I can’t even remember her name. But it was clearly a case of love at first sight. It is the most vivid memory from my childhood in Sweden.”

I can absolutely see why my father gave me this book. He loved the sea, he was a sailor in to his core, felt more joy and made more plans than me, when I took my diving certificate, recommended where I could go, dreamed about and was always looking for new boat prospects to buy even though it was motor boats towards the end and more a process of looking than buying, because of physical limitations.

Celebrating the memory of my father extra a day like this. Being reminded of his strength, positive outlook, and to enjoy life the fullest while you can. And find other ways to enjoy what you love if you can’t do it the traditional way.

Light and love always.

Your daughter,




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  1. ..this touched me deeply – warm regards -v

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