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Trust Thyself November 13, 2011

Filed under: coaching — Johanna C. Nilsson @ 9:24 am

Don’t we all have a story in our baggage?

Watch this TEDxSantaCruz talk about TRUST by Gonan & Johan Premfors, founders of Parentology in Dubai. It is only 11 minutes.

“I hope Schwarzenegger won’t be upset about our little joke.” Johan Premfors on Facebook…

Process summary:
1. Swamp realization
2. Open heart
3. Boundaries clearing
4. Design relationship
5. Garden

“Trust yourself as you trust others, and you will reach the stars.”

Make the choice.
Join the garden,


Gonan and Johan are the main drivers behind the coaching and human consciousness movement on the Arabian Peninsula. Both are faculty members of the Coaches Training Institute (San Rafael, Ca.) They are the founders of Parentology, a relationship philosophy and series of workshops, currently delivered on four continents. Johan and Gonan have worked with thousands of people including business leaders, families, professional athletes, and governments.

Gonan is from Istanbul, Turkey but has lived in Dubai since 1988 where she enjoyed a long career in finance before embarking on the human development path in 2005 by bringing the Coaches Training Institute and professional coaching to the Arabian Peninsula.

Johan is from Stockholm, Sweden but grew up in Pakistan, Kenya and Turkey. He is a former private banker turned telecommunications entrepreneur and later professional coach.

They live in Dubai with their teenage daughter.

This TEDxSantaCruz talk is part of over 2 dozen surrounding our theme of “Engage!” This inaugural TEDxSantaCruz event was held June 11, 2011 at the Cabrillo College Music Recital Hall in Aptos, CA (Santa Cruz County). http://www.tedxsantacruz.org/


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