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May I BRAG? November 17, 2011

Silicon Valhalla:

There are just SO MANY SMART SOLUTIONS coming out from Sweden. I am so proud that I can explode at times.

You may know of the safety match, screw propeller, cream separator, telephone handset, zipper, household vacuum cleaner, Hasselblad camera, tetra pak, three-point safety belt, airbag sensor, pacemaker, Losec, digital hearing aid… the list is long. You may not know that Anders Celsius (1701-17444) created the centigrade thermometer and Eva Ekeblad (1724-1786) invented the process of producing potato vodka. And there is a new generation of Swedish inventions coming!

How many of you are aware of the Swedish invention Solvatten and the impact it has just started to have on health, wealth and community involvement in places where there is very little or no access to clean water? See this informative video from CNN.

Solvatten is one of 20 innovations selected for the “Innovative Sweden Exhibition”, with a kick-off event that took place at Stanford Nov 2, 2011.

Be Curious. Change the world.

Sweden may be a small country, but we are full of great ideas. Our curiosity, creativity and desire for change have made us innovators. We lead the world in innovations in a variety of fields. Our curiosity has enhanced and upgraded the way we all live.

Every day more than 25 million people use Skype to communicate. And Spotify will revolutionize the way we enjoy music. These ideas build on a history of Swedish Innovations, including the three point seat belt, the pacemaker and color graphics technology.

Now it’s time for a new generation of innovations from Sweden. Innovations that will improve  lives.

Get a glimpse of the latest in the fields of clean technology, information and communication technologies, life science and gaming. From hydrogene fuel cells to eye tracking devices. From cleaning water with sunshine to cameras that see in the dark. You’ll find these innovations in hospitals, schools, at home and all around you.

Feel the power of curiosity. Join us and challenge yourself to change the world. Welcome to Innovative Sweden.

See the exhibition Innovative Sweden – showcasing 20 cutting edge Swedish innovations.

The event was live tweeted by my team member Anna at Herringbone; filmed and live streamed by topnotch filmmaker Tobias Elvhage – you can see it here on Bambuser – yes, another Swedish innovation. The next stops for the Innovation Sweden Exhibition will be Toronto, January 23- February 12 2012, Washington DC, March 1 – April 30 2012, Rio de Janeiro, May 21 – June 24 and São Paulo, July 9 – middle of August.

Puh – feel so much better to have shared. 🙂


Thank you to Life at Just Another Fucking Startup and Peter  @poppetotte Sandberg for the web comic strip.


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