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Web Cam Art (Stolen) November 20, 2011

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Or, I should rather say “Web Cam Art Shared (with Permission)”.

I got an email sent to me with the text “…happened to be browsing this just at sunset the other day – I think web-cam art may become a new
genre 🙂  pretty remarkable.. 🙂  –  http://sv.berkeley.edu/view/index.html

About The Project

OVERVIEW: The goal of this project is to help children understand the weather by correlating the view from the Lawrence Hall of Science with weather data and satellite imagery. This project is part of the Lawrence Hall of Science Weather Exhibit and the FOSS Weather CD-ROM.

Enjoy the sunset – I am not sure about the weather where you are right now, but the rain is making big time music on the fire stair outside of my window.


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3 Responses to “Web Cam Art (Stolen)”

  1. Nice work on automating the sequence – 🙂 – and yes, the rain is coming down this end too 🙂
    The (coming) weekend should be clearing up – looking forward to the sailing -vikas 🙂

  2. ..its not that cold 🙂 – to para-phrase Hunter S. Thompson ‘Faster and faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of (cold)’ – ( the original differs a tiny bit.. 🙂 ) -v 🙂

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