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Oh Ye Be Faithful November 10, 2012

November 10, Saturday morning in San Francisco. The weather temperature changed from 27 degrees Celsius earlier this week, to 12 degrees right now. I woke up early, put on the largest and warmest sweater I have, soft pants and socks, and started to clean up and fiddle around – clean the light holders in the window… while singing Christmas Carols. “Oh ye be faithful…” to be more precise.

Mm… hot tea, nice breakfast – let me play that song on youtube… And this is what I found.

Christmas feeling gone – for a second – actually longer – I better stick to my own voice. What I am really hearing is my old choir Rönninge Show Chorus and the Entertainmen, singing at the annual Christmas concert and dear tradition Stjärnjulin Stockholm. I won’t be home in time for their concerts this year – but here is a video showcasing their wide selection of music and guest artists – it gets funkier towards the end. Oh ye be faithful wasn’t included, so I’ll continue my own version…

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Seasons all! Why not start celebrating now. 🙂


Get your tickets here – this will be a special year of concerts, as it is the 20th Anniversary. Bummed I’m missing it. Think I need to propose a live stream!


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