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One Thing Leads to Another February 6, 2013

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There is a hidden gem in San Francisco called Jazz in the Basement. That’s what it is. And it’s the best jazz, in a very intimate setting, and with a very friendly ambiance. The singer Jesse Foster and his wife Michele host one concert every month with top notch musicians.

Just about a year ago in conversation with the pianist, we started talking about Swedish music – there was this one tune he knew… I sent him something else to listen to… and one thing led to another.


Today we met for the first time to do some Swedish music. I was thinking to myself beforehand, wondering, if music could be like dancing. If the man can lead, it’s so easy to follow. This man is extremely talented at playing the piano – what if that would make it super easy to follow vocally.

Actually – it might be something about that. A nice intro, and the rest will follow. The pianist’s name is Grant Levin. If you enjoy music, you would want to hear him play. Lucky me.

The first musical moment from motherland was over. Jazz lunch in the office – sort of.

My take away? What ever thing or area you want to explore – do it. If you are feeling some resistance or hesitation – take a change of perspective. What if it was easy? Or as my friend Eva said [in a different setting] – get over yourself. Picking songs that are close to my heart probably made it easier too.

Go with the flow, go with joy and create with intention.

Next opportunity to hear a few of the musicians from Jazz in the Basement is this upcoming Saturday Feb 9 at The Piedmont Piano Company in Oakland. Shawn Whitehorn and Latriece Love accompanied by Grant Levin on piano, Pierre Archain on upright bass, and Mark Lee on drums.

The newly graduated architect student Shawn Whitehorn, now living in NYC doing music, have an amazing voice – you’ll be able to say “I knew him when…”.


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  1. John Clayton on Rob Pronk After I moved to Holland in 1979, I heard about this arranger guy, Rob Pronk. When I first heard his music, he immediately struck me as the most soulful arranger in Europe. Not only did he know how to handle any size ensemble, he also knew how to write in every style that I could think of (that I enjoyed listening to!). He is great at writing in classical settings, big band and bebop and he can burn a hole in the score sheet with his blues! For more than 20 years, I’ve loved listening to his music, studying his scores and stealing his ideas! Sometimes I impress myself with my superb taste! Rob’s fan forever. credit to Jazz Now Interactive and Mike Hennessey.

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