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Curious About the Swedes? May 19, 2013

One of the highlights of the Eurovision Song Contest Final from last night was the program in the intermission: The Swedish Smorgasbord, by Petra Mede, Swedish comedienne, dancer and television host.

This is her presentation of Sweden and Swedes for all those of you who are curious – and Swedes to be entertained. Our relationship to church,  the need of consensus – even at the combat zone, the talent of doing compost, Carola and    many more goodies at the smorgasbord.

Any surprises?




4 Responses to “Curious About the Swedes?”

  1. mishko53 Says:

    Can you explain to the following sentence :
    “Between the midnight sun, the blondes have all the fun and if you long for stockings say amen!”
    Why does it refer to Swedes ?

    • “Beneath the midnight sun” must refer to midsummer celebrations at solstice when the sun never sets. That’s one of the biggest Swedish celebrations and the midsummer party is equally important as the New Years party. “Blonds have all the fun” – I’m sure refers to that party, and the fact that the stereotypical Swede is blond – the two braids is very traditional. The last gal with red hair in two braids – is Pippi Longstocking. So if you are
      “Longing for stocking” – this is the country of origin for her story. Childrens books by Astrid Lindgren. (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pippi_Longstocking)

      Thanks for asking! / Johanna

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