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A Taste of Swedish Summer – Limited Edition July 17, 2013

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Marabou Black Swedish Summer

I may not go to Sweden and experience all what it has to offer summertime this year, but I did receive a package in the mail with my favorite chocolate from last year. Only available as a limited edition, during the summer.

Marabou milk chocolate with saltish licorish… to die for.  For those who are curious, or those who are longing for another bite – the Swedish Food Shop for People with Home Longing has it! It also works to call mom. 😉

If you buy enough quantity, you can start elaborating with some of all the recipes that now are available with Marabou Black as ingredient. Chocolate cake with salt licorish…?



Marabou Black / Tommy Nilsson – Avslöjandet from Lucky Punk on Vimeo.


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