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Whirl Open – My Way September 28, 2013

Intentional Art by Johanna Nilsson - Workshop by Donna Marchesano

I had the pleasure of being invited to do a 3 hour intentional art workshop with artist Donna Marchesano. Her program Wellness4Art launched this past Sunday with the opening of her art exhibition “Courage to Create”, September 22 – December 31, 2013 at Dolce Amore, 1477 Van Ness (and Pine), San Francisco.

Donna herself has a unique story to share, where daily intentional art for 6 years has been key to the cure of her severe Crohn’s Disease and through the journey of chemotherapy and healing from Cancer. Given her own experience, she is a strong believer in intentional art – whether you are wanting to cure from a disease, wanting to change or manifest something in your life. And me – I love her art, I find her story fascinating, I wish for more patients to find the path that she has taken, and I love to try the creative process – with intention. The fact that I also have been working for 8 years in a pharmaceutical company, for the majority of time dedicated to managing the finances for the development of a drug for Chron’s Disease, doesn’t make me less connected to her story.

I put together  a little video showing the process. Just entering the port to her building opens up for fascination. It is beautiful. Then taking the old elevator up to her floor, which rises above the top of the other buildings and has a beautiful view of San Francisco.

Even though the majority of her art is currently in the exhibition at Dolce Amore, there is plenty to see and be inspired by. A little bit of chat, tea and prep – and the workshop begins. Donna brings the objects to paint that calls her intuition. Initially she put the bouquet of flowers in the center of the table. Keep it simple. Flowers bring joy – why you should always have flowers, even if it only is one, in your home. By having flowers and fruits that are in the season, you create a feeling of being more connected, whether you realize it or not. If we want to be balanced or healthy we should put in the pot what cherish the connection to the earth. As she looked around she changed her mind. The orchid caught her eye. The orchid had been on the cusp of dying for the longest time, and for some reason it had turned around into full bloom by the time she came home from her art opening Sunday.

The yellow orchid shine. Donna explains: “Colors have speed. Yellow is a fast one – that explains why blonds have more fun – they get seen first.”  

We start our creative process, a piece of art is coming out covering the intention written on the first layers of the canvas. And the music randomly played from the list of 10,000 songs, made perfect sense.

So this, is my first piece of intentional art. With an orchid as symbol for the orchestration of my life. And it is fast. And fun. [Just say’in].

“Now, go home, and find the right place for it. Put it in a room with mirror, so you see the reflection.” Donna instructs. Hm. I don’t have mirrors in my apartment. Except for the bathroom. And the inside of the wardrobe door. And that mirror, ended up being the reflection of the art… and the intention. The intention, blurred out in the photo in the video. But I know. And that is what is important.

Thank you Donna! It was a lot of fun. And I can warmly recommend it for those that are interested. Sign up here: art4wellness workshop with artist Donna Marchesano

Now it is time to Whirl Open. Whirl open and with the intention orchestra my life – my way. 😉


Music accompanying this video is from the newly recorded CD by Reckless in Vegas – the local Bay Area band entertaining at the first iGreen Woman Sustainable Fashion Show and Social Event last night – showcasing 6 eco-friendly designers at 111 Minna during the San Francisco Fashion Week.


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