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The Magic of Gratitude in Action November 4, 2013

OK – so I have had this book since the beginning of the year: The Magic, by Rhonda Byrne, who is one of the authors behind the Secret. “Ja, ja… the law of attraction crap – in your dreams.” One could think. Or one could give it a try.

So I got this book for Christmas, and I decided to give it a shot. It is a 28 day practice. Gratitude practice on different aspects of life. Starting with the past, with an aim to build a foundation, create closure to and set different situations in a enhanced supportive and positive light. Relationships, health, money, work…

I came to day #16 in the beginning of the year. And then I drifted away from my morning routine.

Last week I spoke at an event that had the theme “Freakout Moments” – for female entrepreneurs. One of the other speakers was Kariz Matic (The Matic), and the key take away from her story was: “Small or large events, every day – I meet them with gratitude”. The extreme situation she had experienced was when she and her boyfriend, living in LA, wanted to move to San Francisco. They sat down one day and wrote a list of everything that had to happen for that to be possible. Small and large. Including a business employee that had had to leave, a buyer for the music studio, etc. Not insignificant items on the list. They wrote them down, visualized them to happen, and expressed gratitude for it…. and… one by one, they started happening, including a resignation from the team member, and on the day after two weeks the boyfriend calls her and says: “You won’t believe it”. She says: “I do. Come over for lunch”. They had a buyer for the music studio, and started planning the exit strategy and the move to San Francisco.

The key was to write a list of things that you are grateful for – whether they have happened or not – and imagine it and feel the appreciation for them as if they have happened. “It works, I do it everyday, and it really works”, she shared.

OK – so if it is that easy – wouldn’t we be stupid not to try it?

I pick up my “The Magic” book again and continue where I had stopped. #18 is “The Magic To-Do List”. Write a list of things that you really want to have done for you. Despite my disbelief, I am giving in to the process. Brainstorming down different things. And then the task was to focus on three of them, one by one, imagine it happen and feel the joy and gratitude as it is taken care of. Right.

One area that I have ignored lately, is looking after my own house. Business wise. That mobile website of my own REALLY needed to be updated. It didn’t allow for certain information to be seen (blog posts for example), and it didn’t allow the visitor to turn to desk-top version. Not acceptable for someone that is providing those services myself. So one item on the list, since I knew that I had to do it, was “have the mobile website recreated for me”. Whatever.

The day passes by, slow, having a cold and cough, but in the evening I sit down to do some updates and back-up of the website. I tried to follow-up with the provider that I had used initially. Delete the redirect from the DNS server, so the mobile website is gone. Reconnect with another service provider in Sweden whom I’ve been wanting to work with, and revisit the creation of the mobile site through them. Great, access is working to their platform and the question I had got answered, Sunday. However, a bigger problem I have with the site, is a bug I need to have fixed for an error display on the home page. So I go to GoDaddy for a security back-up. In the process of doing that, I see a setting saying “Mobile website On/Off”. I turned it ON. Worth trying. And moves on.

This morning, as I was having my breakfast coffee and doing my morning routine of writing, and on to #18. Magical Footsteps. Oh, yes, I should revisit the Magic To-Do List. Hm, wonder how that mobile website looks – it was supposed to take 24 hours…  And actually. Magically. It was done for me. Now – I haven’t solved the bug yet, so that is to be fixed. The mobile website isn’t perfect – but not too shabby. Good enough for now. On to the next item of that list. And we will see…

Believe and it will happen!? It’s worth a try.




2 Responses to “The Magic of Gratitude in Action”

  1. I love that book. I did the same thing as you and dropped off at Day 16 and later went back to pick it up again.
    Gratitude is a powerful thing. For every action there is an equal and powerful reaction.
    Be grateful everyday. Be the change that you want to see in the world : )

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