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Same Same – and Just a Little Different May 13, 2012

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My a cappella group Keeva had a guest appearance at the Swedish mass today, at the Norwegian Seaman Church.

The spiritually inspired global rhythms and tunes were very well received, “we hardly could sit still in the seats”, “it put a smile on my face and in my heart”, “so nice to hear such a different style of music” and “please come back”.

We had a wonderful time performing there. Even thought it was different compared to what usually is performed – it didn’t seem that foreign for some. The favorite overheard comment when we sang the zulu song Akekho Ofana No Jesu was: “Is that Småländska?” (a Swedish dialect).

Same same – and just a little different. I think music is something that connects with our hearts and speaks the same universal language.

Music can also help a message carry through. Singing a message can give it a different weight. I heard that loud a clear last week-end when participating in a “Mastery of Self Expression” workshop lead by actor [and much more] Larry Gilman from Los Angeles. “Why don’t you speak as you sing?”

On the topic of performance, art and heart – I came across another blog post today: bite-sized wisdom – Anderson (by Thoughts on theatre).

“If you practice an art, be proud of it and make it proud of you. It may break your heart, but it will fill your heart before it breaks it; it will make you a person in your own right.”
– Maxwell Anderson
The heart is a muscle. It rips and tears, but always heals, often making the muscle stronger than before. Take a risk this weekend and chase down something that just might fill your heart to its brim.

My suggested risk from the master is to SPEAK LOUDER. To LIVE MY LIFE OUTLOUD. And that is said to someone who has a social media communications business with the tag line: “Get heard for positive change”. Getting heard online vs. offline: same same – and just a little different…

So from now on I dare you to ask “what?” when I speak. And if you think that I talk abnormally loud – or if I am singing the message – or expressing more than usual… I am just practicing and playing around with the art of self expression. Off line. What is your risk, that might fill your heart to its brim?

Embracing the differences. HELLO WORLD! 🙂
This is Akekho from our last performance:

Take a moment to visit the blog Thoughts on Theatre – I bet you will find something that you like.


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