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Switching Sport November 3, 2011

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Last week I worked at the Michael E. Gerber Origination Dreaming Room Facilitator Training – an entrepreneurial incubator program. One of the analogies Michael used was “being on the mat” as a martial art student. You can read about it in his twitter feed @michelegerber from last week, or read below – bottom – up.

It made me think of my coaching program at The Coaches Training Institute, who used the similar analogy of being “on the playing field”.

What are the reasons why someone would choose not to be on the mat, or not be on the playing field? What would they need? A kick in the butt? Encouragement? Self-belief? Take a moment and watch this video:

Who can you tell today to suit up and play?

Inspired – meet me on the mat,


Haha – when double checking that I got the expression “suit up” right I stumbled on this site: Suit up or Die. ” A lifestyle inspiration for the dedicated gentleman…
Suit Up or Die is now an online magazine (in Swedish). The good news is that our inspirational blog remains… ”


I met Yoda! October 1, 2010

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Yoda, alias Michael E Gerber?

Help you I can, yes. -- Yoda

I met Yoda! At which Starbucks is that possible, if not the one in Presidio Park by Lucas Film Institute.

The fact is – I actually had to ask which movie he was in. Yes I know – it’s chocking. I haven’t seen Star Wars. I tried to – a video night in Geneva, with a French voice over. We all fell asleep.

My partner in crime initially and predecessor in my current role when working with Michael E. Gerber on his social media, Cindy Lin, believes that Michael is like Yoda.

I wouldn’t know. But I know Michael, and I am about to meet him next week to participate in his Origination Dreaming Room Facilitator Certification Program. The program I am promoting. The program that provide  a place where entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs come to discover how to make their dreams a reality.

One of his statements are: Create an impact that will blow your clients mind away. #Origination Dreaming Room Facilitators!

If you would do just that – what would you do? What would it take to create that extra impact? I am ready to have my mind blown away.

May the forces be with you (#quote Yoda;),




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