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Are you excited? April 18, 2012

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I got the question yesterday from a visiting, fairly new, friend of mine: “Are you an excited person?” “Me? Yes… I am smiling – can’t you tell?”

What type of question is that? I should have asked: what is the perception of me? I will ask him. Later. What do you think?

Right now, the answer would be clearly: hell yeah! How could I not be?

Waking up 6am after 5 hours of sleep with this song in my head:

If I didn’t have a guest sleeping in the other room I would put it on speaker and sing it out loud. And if this video didn’t have the lyrics I would make up my own.

From now on I am not going to say “could I bounce an idea with you?”… Or “I’ve got an idea…” – because that is not how it feels like.

From now on I will say “Please, speak with me – I have a bomb – and it’s a darn good one”. That is, how it feels like.

Thank you Rakesh and those of you else (Thomas Fogdö, Rosh Khan, Gerome, Dorian, Will, Sturdy, Laura, Carlx2, Helene, Emma… The list start to grow) who thinks it’s a great idea. I’ve started taking “that’s a crazy idea” as a complement. It has got some power in it!

Feel the excitement – keep the momentum – and go do it! Maybe I can go and sing that song quietly in the shower?! It’s gotta come out… 🙂

Good start of a new day. Hope it rubbed off on ya’!



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