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A lot of dough December 19, 2011

In my past days I have successfully made cinnamon roles that were pretty – but small and hard as stone, so you could almost hurt someone with them, should you want to…

This year, would be my first year of five in San Francisco that I actually have a traditional Glögg Party. Along with that goes saffron bread. Now, scarred from the memory of the past I wanted to make sure that these were presented in the light they deserve.

Off I went to get the ingredients. One thing remained on the list. Fresh yeast. Trader Joe’s – no. Safeway – no. Whole Foods – no. [Shame the one who gives up!] Rainbow Groceries – YES! I don’t know how you guys (Americans) do it. Baking with dry yeast – ain’t working for me. Or maybe it was because I got the advise to heat the liquid (milk, butter…) a little extra for the yeast to have effect – and by the time I added the egg and turned my back away, it had coagulated… It became pancake of everything, as we say in Sweden.

This time… I got a lot of dough. Cha-ching!!

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Practice makes perfect.

Hubedubedo – signing off,

The Swedish Chef

Btw – I got the comment when I started this blog “Why should you write a blog? Who would read that?” At least I am having fun. I hope you get a smile out of it too. Maybe get inspired. I hope the one who said that initial comment do. He has a pretty amazing story to tell. I am sure you do too. Just saying… [#herringbone.fm 2.0]


Laser Focus September 28, 2010

What walks around comes around. I love when what you put out there bounce back at you. It sort of hits home in a different way.

Berlin Marathon - Michael (right) is crossing the finish line

In a coaching session today with one of my clients from Sweden, Michael, he shares his experience completing the Berlin Marathon this passed weekend. He was running in a steady pace, with a smile on his face, and as he got into a more heavy passage, one of my tweets (!) came to his mind: “Laser Focus!” A tweet! That one tweet kept his focus on the finish line, which he passed at 4 hours and 16 minutes.

Congratulations Michael! Thanks for the permission to share your story and celebrate your achievement!

Now – I know what I will put my laser focus on today. How about you? What is it that you would love to get done, and believe that you might not be able to? What is it that is urgent and important for you to get out of the way? What is it that is non-urgent but very important that you just haven’t had time to tackle? What if you actually could do it all, if you just gave it a little bit of extra special attention.

One more principle that could help on the way: good for now. It doesn’t need to be perfect. As long as it is good enough – that is what matters.

Go do it – and share it with others. You don’t know what you can inspire them to do. Just the possibility of it makes it worth it.

Celebration, with love,




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