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Kaleidoscope Heart September 26, 2011

Filed under: coaching,Inspiration — Johanna C. Nilsson @ 10:04 am

All the colors
Of the rainbow
Hidden ‘neath my skin

Hearts have colors
Don’t we all know?
Red runs through our veins

Feel the fire burning up
Inspire me with blood
of blue and green

I have hope
Inside is not a heart
But a kaleidoscope

A prelude to the next concert with my a cappella group Keeva, November 11, 2011. Location TBD. [Update: 7-9pm, Unity SF, 2222 Bush St at Fillmore, San Francisco, CA see facebook invite for details.]

Bringing in the symbolism of  colors… I wish us all a kaleidoscope heart, filled with growth, abundance, prosperity, hope and playful vibrant green life, blue ability to communicate one’s deepest truths; red physical energy, passion, courage, power, will, and desire – and of course abundant love.

That would be the kaleidoscope of my choice, for all of us.

I have hope,


Well, actually – I have expectations. Life is too short not to have a kaleidoscope heart.



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