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Business Going South… or Not. September 30, 2011

Back in September two years ago, right before leaving my full time job  – with a vision but without a clear strategy in mind – I signed up for the following April Mighty Ventures workshop called “CEO Freedom Formula” with Christine Comaforde. By the time the event was about to happen it had changed name to “7 Figure Business Summit”. Not quite there yet – but working on it…

In the introduction Christine played a sequence from the Underpants Business presented by South Park Studios. (You can click and play).

South Park The Underpants Business

You know – sometimes magic can happen – and most of the time, it is really good to have a plan. These were the top level 7 steps worked through during the weekend:

1. Motivation Why – Endgame – Condition of Fulfillment

2. Model Perfect Market – Product Path- Plan

3. MVPs Most Valuable People – Internal & External – Self Assessment/Recruitment

4. Money Capital Acquisition Strategy – Pitch – Timing – 5 Revenue Streams

5. Momentum Needle Movers – Tangeable Plan – Annual and 90 Days

6. Mentor Info + Implementation help = Transformation


The content shared was great and put together in a neat way, including quite a few real smart tips you could implement right away. What I also got out of it was the connection with high quality entrepreneurs that I met, including my mentor since that date – a “MVP” for sure. And right now I am gathering more… fingers crossed for the Herringbone software, and the quite exciting prospective clients we are hopefully starting to work with. (You current ones, you know you are awesome!)

Do you have a plan?

Business coming from south is a much sweeter deal. To success!




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