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It Makes Me Feel Love April 11, 2012

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…what is it that you love that would bring your voice and life back should you be in this position?

For me – music, yoga, dance. If you ever see me with my head down – that would lift me up. And even if I know it, it is easy to forget. Even without Alzheimer.

It’s not a coincident that I together with Emma,  my partner in crime in a Co-Active Leadership Program, created a workshop called “Dance to the voice of your core”.

May we never forget. Put on the music and get movin’! Do you feel that spring is in the air?! 😉



AND DO SEE this movie. To the end. – The full article is in today’s Mashable.

Love is in the air. Do do do, do do do….


2 Responses to “It Makes Me Feel Love”

  1. lisa Says:

    AWESOME ! I work in a nursing home with elderly people and I had tears watching Henry find his musical heart again. So beautiful, and so important to find that small thing that fires the spirit. Thankyou so so much for sharing this today xxx

    • Thank you Lisa! 🙂 Love to get feedback from new readers.

      And – I love the statement you have on your blog!

      “Sometimes getting it right, often getting it wrong and in the midst of parenting, marriage, working and living, I’m learning how to dance like there is no tomorrow… Because life is not a dress rehearsal… xxx Lisa”

      Keep dancing! Love that too.

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