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Who I Am – Stepping Out of the Shower February 4, 2013

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When I started this blog some 3-4 years ago, I did it because I had an urge to write – although I didn’t quite know about exactly what. Initially I just wrote from my heart and posted, quickly looking to see if it got any hits at all. If someone was reading. Curiously hiding behind the screen.

I got a push to make it public within a week of start by a coach friend of mine. So I did. Sent out a few emails. To people I trusted. To individuals who had inspired me in the process. I started feeling a little bit more comfortable.

The curiosity extended to: what will happen if I post a link to linkedin, twitter and facebook – how will that impact the stats? I think this was the start of my career change from Finance in Pharma, to Social Media Consultant, and the creation of my company Herringbone.

My biggest fear when I started writing was “will the words keep coming”? I didn’t have a plan. My problem now is that I have too many stories in my head that I don’t have time to write. The nearest writers cave that I see, I will dive in to.

Lately I haven’t written much. I have been very busy, launching a shoe line on a shoe string budget. Actually – no string budget.  I love the product and respect the woman behind it, and get filled of joy when it reaches the right women with size 10-12 in shoes, and see their reaction of “Finally finding shoes their size!” “That are actually comfortable.” “And stylish”. “Dream come true”. Things most others take for granted.

I haven’t written much because I have been with family. Over the holidays. A while back now. And a little reason for why I haven’t written is because suddenly I got too many eyes on the blog for it to be totally comfortable. For a little bit. And lives goes on.

There is a quote stating:

Dance as though no one is watching you,
Love as though you have never been hurt before,
Sing as though no one can hear you,
Live as though heaven is on earth.

My advise to anyone with an urge to write is:

Write as though no one is reading your story. 

If you want to start a blog, or a book, sharing your story – don’t look at what others do, and don’t worry about what they will think about what you create. It’s your story. Your words. Your style. And that is what matters. I strongly believe that everyone has a story to tell, and every story matters. Don’t let  your wisdom go waisted. 

Now – why am I saying this? Drawing a parallell with what used to feel sensitive. To share my voice written, in the beginning, with what I am about to share now.

I have a dream to sing, and to sing comfortably and freely from my heart, in public. I know that practice makes perfect – it also takes time and dedication. Recently I have had people in my surrounding – dear friends, and also people who hasn’t known me long – poke, pull, push and ask me to sing. I even got a challenge out of the blue to record a song every day and put on youtube for 21 days. I think I have emailed her 5 recordings in 21 days. Except for this one, that I recorded when I stepped out of the shower and into the kitchen today. Original music played on my iPad, through a mini speaker from Design Torget – Arlanda Airport, and recording done on my iPhone using Voice Memos – now on youtube.

And why am I sharing this? Because I got a challenge. Because I felt the urge to. Hopefully it inspires someone to open up, in one or another way. Maybe it is you? What are you keeping inside? What are you singing in the shower?

Sing as though no one can hear you,
Live as though heaven is on earth.
Are you reading my story?

Much love,


Gabriella’s Song, from the movie “As It Is In Heaven” – Swedish and English Lyrics Below
By Py Bäckman, originally sung by Helen Sjöholm

Det är nu som livet är mitt
Jag har fått en stund här på jorden
Och min längtan har fört mig hit
Det jag saknat och det jag fått

Det är ändå vägen jag valt
Min förtröstan långt bortom orden
Som har visat en liten bit
Av den himmel jag aldrig nått

Jag vill känna att jag lever
All den tid jag har
Ska jag leva som jag vill
Jag vill känna att jag lever
Veta att jag räcker till

Jag har aldrig glömt vem jag var
Jag har bara låtit det sova
Kanske hade jag inget val
Bara viljan att finnas kvar

Jag vill leva lycklig för att jag är jag
Kunna vara stark och fri
Se hur natten går mot dag
Jag är här och mitt liv är bara mitt
Och den himmel jag trodde fanns
Ska jag hitta där nånstans

Jag vill känna att jag levt mitt liv


It is now that my life is mine
I’ve got this short time on earth
And my longing has brought me here
All I lacked and all I gained

And yet it’s the way that I chose
My trust was far beyond words
That has shown me a little bit
Of the heaven I’ve never found

I want to feel I’m alive
All my living days
I will live as I desire
I want to feel I’m alive
Knowing I am good enough

I have never lost who I was
I have only left it sleeping
Maybe I never had a choice
Just the will to stay alive

All I want is to be happy
Being who I am
To be strong and to be free
To see day arise from night
I am here and my life is only mine
And the heaven I thought was there
I’ll discover it there somewhere

I want to feel that I’ve lived my life!


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